Monday, 21 July 2014

Matte Nail Paint by Barry M

I finally purchased some matte nail varnish! I have wanted to try one from the Barry M range for ages but just never picked one up, here is the colour I eventually got:

The colour I purchased is called Vanilla and it is a dusky purplely shade (I'm rubbish at explaining colours). I have to say I am impressed with how quick this drys, I would say its even quicker than the normal Barry M nail paints. Also two coats is enough even though it is a lighter colour which is great. However my nails don't end up completely matte, maybe I was expecting too much? Another thing that disappointed me is that it chips within hours which is so annoying! this might be my fault because I have yet to purchase a matte top coat. I definitely recommend trying one from this range though.

Have you tried a Barry M matte nail paint?


  1. I've never tried Barry M nail polish products but they seem so luxurious and nice! Maybe that's what they want though - make you buy the matte top coat!

    Lovely post as usual xx

    Crissy from MY CUP OF TEA

    1. Yeah that is definitely why they do it!

  2. Lovely colour! If you're wanting a similar shade that lasts longer look at Essie Fancy Pants :) x

    Sarah @ xx