Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn Staples - Leather Jackets


I actually lived in my leather jacket last autumn therefore I am so happy that the time of year has come back around. So many stores have amazing ones so I am on the lookout! I am particularly loving fur around collars such as number 4 and 5 but ah the price... A quilted one (6) is also high on my list. Coloured leather has been entering the shops such as number 2 which I love but do not know if I could pull off, however the colour of number 3 is different but would still be easy to wear. So many different types of leather jackets to choose from!

Do you like leather jackets?


  1. One of my favourite things about A/W is leather jackets! These are lovely, especially #2 - gorgeous :o But I agree, it seems a bit tricky to pull off!

    Alexandra ♡

  2. I love leather jackets :)


  3. I love leather jackets! I was wearing one today ^^
    I love nr 1 and 6 the most!

    Btw, thanks for you comment! I'm new in this blog world so it was nice to see that somebody actually reads a blogpost of mine haha

    xx Valerie