Monday, 25 January 2016

Lace Up Wishlist

I am sure that we all have noticed the current lace up trend and have to say, I am impressed with what is on offer. An array of items are now available including shorts, shoes, tops and dresses. So many options, so little money! 

This post is not up to my usual standard for my wishlists as my free trial of Photoshop has ran out which makes me really really sad. I definitely think a monthly prescription is on the cards.


My ultimate favourite item on this wish list are the lovely heels (6). They are the classic black therefore will go with everything however the laces add that something different. In addition to this the block heel looks so comfortable. Another trend that I am really loving right now is culottes therefore the jumpsuit (4) is definitely up my alley. However I just do not know how to pull off such a low front with my not so lovely assets. A more every day item in this list is this lovely cream jumper (5) with tie details up the side. I actually already own this as I could just not pass it up in the shop due to the idea of having lace up but not being revealing really appeals to me.

Do you like this trend?


  1. these are all beyond cute! I got myself a dress in this style from Asos sale! I have yet to d├ębut it :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I love the lace up trend! Primark have some tops really similar to no.8 that I got my hands on recently. xx

  3. Those are some beautiful shorts and boots (the ankle ones). I had never seen any of them but I can honestly tell you they're absolutely something I'd go for. I'm in love!

    Ella Pinto xx

  4. I'm totally loving the lace up trend too this season :). I'm absolutely love your style picks, the khaki jumper is so gorgeous and the ankle boots are so chic!

    El xxxx

  5. Lace up clothing items are so stylish and in right now and your pics are seriously making us want to go shopping right now! We love those lace up shorts, they would look amazing paired with a white top!

    ISA Professional

  6. OMG! Lace have become the thing and I am definitely feeling a bit of lace.

    Sara's Wonderland