Friday, 18 March 2016

Evolution of my Brows

So eyebrows, lets talk about them bad boys. Please tell me that I am not the only one who cringes when looking back at old photos? I obviously had no idea what good brows were. Here is a post for you to laugh (or cringe) at, enjoy my mishaps!

Phase 1: No eyebrows

Okay this is before I had even started filling in my brows, they just look naked. At the time I just didn't realise how silly they looked and when people at my school started filling in their eyebrows, I thought they were the silly ones.. logic? there is definitely none there.

Phase 2: Awkward shape

Ah what was I thinking. Here I am pictured above with the woman who introduced me to brow products - my sister. She used to always ask if she could do my brows and I would say no when really she was obviously just trying to correct this horrible shape I had going on. Really appreciate it now Jen.

Phase 3: Over plucked and too precise

This is right after I managed to get rid of that horrible shape, by myself I must add. Now they became too precise and thin. At the time I really thought they looked amazing and I was the bees knees but now cringe in disbelief.

Phase 4: Marker pen

This might be even worse than the bad shaped brows.. just wow. Why did no one tell me that my eyebrows looked sharpied in? I also remember that it used to take me like 45 minutes to get them like this, definite time wasted.

Phase 5: Today's brows

With a few switch ups of products, mainly in lighter shades, my eye brows are now acceptable. Still not perfect and I really envy people with amazing brows but they are definitely a hell of a lot better! I think the next step is to go and actually get them done by a professional (its been 3 years, oops) and then I will be 100% happy. Currently I used the lightest Sleek Brow Kit and sometimes experiment with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Taupe however I still have to master using that one.

Did you have bad eyebrow days (or years) like me?


  1. Yes! I think everyone out there had really bad eyebrows at some point in their lives! I had the worst phase when the lady over threaded them and I was left with a really thin line. I looked so weird. All I do now is just take off the access hair at the end of every month and let it be in it's natural shape! :D

    1. oh no, I am always scared I over pluck mine!

  2. haha this is so funny! you should see my journey, way worse than yours :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. Oh my gosh, this was such a funny post! I remember back in middle school, I used to have hecka bushy eyebrows. I mean like, 'what were tweezers?' eyebrows. Over the years, I've been trying to shape them and shape them and now I'm pretty content. :) The road to having nice brows is tough but I think yours looks nice right now!

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    1. ha ha! awh thank you, they can definitely still be improved though!

  4. I loved reading this post, such an interesting idea for a blog post! I've been through every stage you have, and your brows definitely look great now!

    Emma at

  5. hahaha what a great post, I'm pretty sure everyone has had 'bad' brows at some point, I know I definitely have! I would defo recommend getting them HD's by a professional, although I would really really research the person because the first HD I had ruined my brows haha but the lady who does them now is INCREDIBLE!!!