Thursday, 24 October 2013

My picks from the Topshop website

I shouldn't have browsed the Topshop website recently as now there are so many things I want to buy! Anyway I managed to narrow down my extensive list to just 6 items:

1. Soft fluffy bomber - £95 (I can dream)
2. Tartan check tee - £38
3. Berry crushed velvet shorts - £32
4. Clarrie dress by motel - £45
5. LASSIE shiny stack platforms - £55
6. Fluffy sweat - £29

What are your picks from Topshop at the moment?


  1. Well I think my picks would be that t-shirt and jumper you have chosen!! That sweater looks so snuggly and the price for Topshop is not too bad! I seldom buy anything from them as their prices I just can not justify but will probably check out the sales after Xmas!

    Georgie xx

    1. yeah I definitely want a fluffy jumper but being on a student budget isnt letting me do that :( I'll be straight to the sales haha!