Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'I can't be bothered bothering today' uni outfit!

Hey! I'll just say now that I'm so sorry for the bad quality photo! I had no one with me to take a full length one, boo. This was a day where I just couldn't be bothered looking good but I think my outfit worked anyway..right?  Here is the outfit!
 My baseball style top is from H&M and I bought it a few months ago so it might still be in stores. I remember it being quite cheap and its so comfy! It is definitely made to be over sized considering mine is a size 6 and I'm usually an 8-10, ego boost! On the bottom I'm wearing my Topshop Joni black skinny jeans, I wear these far too often..
 The necklace I am wearing is from Primark and was only £2! It came with a large dangly heart on it but I took it off as I think it looks better without it.
On my feet were my burgundy converse, so comfy!

Hope you enjoyed!

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