Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Hats

I have never been a person who wears hats but every winter I definitely regret it. There are so many nice styles out that there that I am going to have to try and pull off. Here are some lovely ones that are worth getting hat hair for!


Beanies seem to be the most popular style of hat right now. Looking on websites there are hundreds of them! I am particularly loving the pale blue one (5), mainly for the massive pom pom! The fur trend has even branched on to these areas of hats (4) which is great as everyone loves a bit of fur in winter. Of course pom poms made of fabric are cute too (3), there are just so many colour choices with beanies! Even just plain ones look great (6), they are definitely a fun way to work colour into your winter wardrobe. You can even add a little bit of sparkle like the embellished beanie (11), a great way to perk yourself up from the winter weather.

How glamorous do the fur head bands look? You definitely aren't restricted with colour either, my favourite has to be the grey/brown shade (1). However if you are wanting to feel ultra fabulous go for white (7)! These can definitely dress up an outfit and even better keep your head seriously cosy. I might just have to try one!

Another fashionable way of keeping your head warm is by wearing knitted headbands. I absolutely love the idea of these as they keep you cosy and you can probably wear them in doors - anything to minimize the risk of hat hair! These also come in so many different colours but the burgundy (2) has to be my favourite. So many different patterns are about too, I am loving the monochrome Aztec design (12).

Do you like wearing hats?


  1. I love the blue one with the pom-pom - I have the same but in pink! It's so warm and snuggly. Also loving faux fur at the moment.

    Hannah xx

  2. I love all these, my hair is a little too short for faux fur headbands to look that good but I still wear em ;) xx


  3. I've always been really self conscious about wearing hats, but this year I can't get enough! I need to add some knitted headbands to my collection, they look so cute! I love the burgundy one you picked :) x

    Always, Alice x

  4. I love hats but I am sometimes a little bit shy when it comes to wearing them since I feel like people are looking at me strangely!! But whateves, I have to get over it! Hat's rock! ;)
    Aresmar blog

  5. I love love hats! it just makes the look so much cuter!
    new fan ;)

  6. I saw number three on new look today, it looks so pretty and vintage-like. Great post. :)

    1. Ive not seen it in person but the colours look so lovely:)

  7. Great selection! I love fur headbands!! :)

    Bella Pummarola

  8. GORGEOUS! All of them!
    Really wonderful selection. I love these, I feel like I want to buy them all!