Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What I Do When Feeling Down

Recently I have been having far too many down days, including today. I love reading posts about what people do to make themselves feel that bit better and also just happy posts in general. So why not share what I like to get up to when I am feeling down? Here goes:

Netflix and Food
Forget that 'Netflix and chill' phase, food is where its at. When I am feeling unhappy I like to throw on a film, todays choice was Anastasia, and pig out on unhealthy food - as pictured above my absolute favourite is Thai Sweet Chili Sensations and dip. Just do not watch a sad film, definite tears would happen... unless all you need is a good cry, then go for it!

See a Friend
Sometimes when I am down, I think that its best that I am alone. However that is not always the case as meeting a friend cheers me up heaps. Whether thats meeting up for a coffee or even just inviting them round to the flat and having a movie night, it really does help.

Treat Yourself
There is nothing better when feeling down than treating yourself to some online shopping. It does not have to be lots, for example it could just be a new lipstick or jumper that you have had your eye on for a while. Sadly today all I could afford was new work jeans but that 3 for 2 offer on at boots is very tempting...

Grab a Cup of Tea
There is nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve is there? Even add as many sugars as you like and do not feel guilty.

This is a weird one for me to say as most people know that me and exercise do not get along however recently I have been finding when I feel sad or even stuffy with the cold, a fitness DVD really helps. The one of choice right now is Charlotte Crosby's, who does not want to look like her?

Go Home
This is my ultimate answer to feeling better, its just a shame I have to jump on the train to get there. Honestly there is nothing better than just seeing my family and chilling in my family home. It almost seems like my responsibilities disappear for the few days that I am there.

What do you like to do when feeling down?