Saturday, 5 April 2014

Confession: I am a hoarder

One thing you may not know about me is that when it comes to makeup/nail varnish, I am a hoarder! I just cant seem to through anything away, even if it is finished. Pictured is my nail varnish that I have at my home, I also have another box in my uni accommodation. The sad thing is less than two handfuls of this nail varnish actually works, so sad! I have added nail varnish remover numerous times to many of these so now they are far beyond saving! So basically I need to purchase LOTS of new ones, any recommendations?

I also went through a phase of constantly having designs painted on my nails (as you can see from the gems and nail varnishes with the white tops). Its actually kinda sad that I have no time to do this anymore, hopefully I can start again over summer since Ill have more free time! Maybe Ill do blog posts on them too..

Do you hang onto makeup/nail varnish?

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