Saturday, 19 April 2014

Urban Outfitters Home-ware


I've always been a fan of Urban Outfitters, specifically for their home-ware. In September I am moving in with my friend into a flat for our 2nd year of uni (cant believe 1st year is nearly done!) so I've been looking into things I can decorate my bedroom with as some flats here in Aberdeen can be so drab! Above is just a few of my favourite things from their webpage. I find that Urban Outfitters can either be really expensive or decently priced, for example the rug pictured (2) is so beautiful and is only £15! I also love the blue frame (5) which is only £14, I think its so unique looking and is the perfect accessory! The grey table (6) is also lovely and would look great in a bedroom, however its £45 which may not be a lot for some people but I definitely don't have that money spare, still I can admire. I can definitely see myself purchasing lots from their website in the next couple of months!

Do you like Urban Outfitters home-ware?


  1. I absolutely love homeware stuff. That grey table looks really nice, I'll have to have a proper browse on the website during the week.

  2. I loooove UO homeware stuff. They sell such quirky, individual pieces that you just couldn't really find anywhere else except on very rare occasion. You picked out some lovely pieces :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog