Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I walked past this bag in the pale pink shade every time I am at work, each time falling a little more in love with it. When I looked on the Debenhams website I found it in pale yellow, so unique and pretty! The only thing putting me off buying this bag is the fact that it could only be worn for 2 seasons of the year, still its so tempting!

2. The contrast of the pastel blue and black makes me love this dress even more! Its only £20 too.. is it worth going into my overdraft for? ha ha! Pretty Little Thing has to be my new favourite website

3. Pale blue and pale pink.. how could this top get better? I really want this to go with shorts and a bandeaux for summer, dont think I could quite pull it off though!

4. I love the concept of this concealer as it contains an under eye brightening concealer, complexion concealer and setting powder... all for £10! I dont actually own a concealer right now as I havent got round to purchasing one in like 8 months (so bad!). Have any of you's tried this?

Whats on your wishlist?


  1. Great picks! That bag is so cheerful and I love the cut-out design. :)

  2. I love that bag! I have a bright pink one very similar to it!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  3. That concealer is so good! I used to use it all the time, you’ve actually just reminded me about it again!x

    1. ah I think you have just persuaded me to buy it!