Monday, 12 May 2014

4 Cheap, Easy and Trusty Student Meals

As I am sat writing this my stomach is rumbling with hunger. I got back from work at 18.00 and it is now 19:35 and I am yet to have my dinner. I am so bad at actually going to the shop and stocking up on food therefore these recipes are always used. Also I am not very ambitious and I do not like much vegetarian food (which sucks when I am a vegetarian). None are particularly creative and you have probably heard of all of them before but I thought it would be fun to show yous! Here goes:

1. Who remembers eggs and soldiers? My mum used to always feed me this when I was young, so nostalgic! I know understand why.. its so cheap and easy. Oh excuse the shot glasses, I had no egg cups ha ha!

2. Ah I can honestly say I have beans and cheese on toast at least once every two days. We always have bread, beans and cheese stocked up therefore this is my only option some nights, but still its so good!

3. This is a new found favourite of mine. It consists of noodles, stir fry vegetables and sweet chilli sauce - I love it!. We just buy the stir fry veg in a pack from the Co-op, a sachet of sauce and a pack of noodles then just mix them together in a wok, so tasty!

4. I made up this recipe one day when we were seriously lacking in funds. It has pasta with a small amount of tomato puree (I never thought of using it as a sauce before), a quarter tea spoon of garlic power and a sprinkle of herbs. I also usually add cheese mix in but this day we sadly did not have any.

Hope you enjoyed, what are some of your favourite recipes?


  1. this looks wonderful! thanks for sharing :)

    x Maria
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    featuring the perfect high waist shorts

  2. Eggs and soldiers...that brings back so many memories! Xx

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  3. I love noodles, even those already almost done noodles you just have to put warm water on them and they're already ready... HAHAHA!

    1. ah me too! I live on noodles, pasta and bread

  4. lol this will come in handy for me in uni!

  5. thank you for the tips....will need these in september!! xx