Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Forget a Wishlist, Unis Finished for the Summer!

I am so excited to not have to revise or complete reports for 4 months! Unfortunately I will not be going home for summer as I have a job that I need to carry on with in Aberdeen, this just means lots of trips home and lots of visitors! Last summer was one of the best periods of my life: preparing for uni meant lots of events were planned. I've been all nostalgic and have been looking back at photos from last summer and thought I'd share some with you:

As I mentioned lots of events were planned such as garden parties, at my house we have a fire pit which was great for summer nights and marshmallows! Unfortunately being a vegetarian I couldn't eat them but looking on was fun too ha ha! (top left picture is my and my friends). Me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time together which I loved, this included long car rides and him stealing my niece and nephew's pram. Also we purchased our new home (pictured above), beautiful isn't it? ha ha I'm only joking, I wish though! I also spent a lot of time with my mum (pictured in the black dress), sisters, nieces and nephews, we are such a close family and I miss them so much when I'm in Aberdeen. One of my sisters is actually pregnant with her second child, so yay for a new niece in September! That will make me an auntie of 5!. 

Unfortunately just as summer started my dog Kya passed away, it all happened so quickly too:( She was the cuddliest thing going and was adorable. However shes in a better place now and I like to look back at pictures and think of all the memories we shared with her.

This summer will be completely different with me being in Aberdeen, but hopefully it will still be fun! I have two trips planned: one to Brighton in June and one in July to London. My best friend booked London for my birthday, how great is she?

Are you excited for summer?


  1. Congrats for finishing uni for this year! I finished college Monday and I start Uni in September, so I have a heck of a lot of time on my hands haha. I'd love to go to Brighton so hopefully you can blog about it :D Where abouts are you going in London? Have a fab time xxx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  2. thank you :) oh how exciting! I will definitely blog about Brighton, Im so excited to go! Im not sure where we are going in London yet but I reaaaalllly want to visit the Harry Potter studio tour but im not sure my friend would appreciate it..

  3. Aw congrats on finishing uni! I've finished forever now, wah! So sorry about your dog, she's so cute :(
    Hope you have a great summer this year! Brighton and London will be lots of fun :D

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. oh big well done to you! Yeah I hope so:) good luck with starting your career!

  4. Congrats on being finished! :D I'm sorry about your dog though, it's always sad when that happens..
    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely summer and you have fun in Brighton and London :)

    Ellie xx |

  5. Hi gorgeous! First time visiting your blog and really liked it! I always appreciate when I can see the blogger's personality through his/her posts, just like this one :) I'm sorry about your dog, pets are like friends and it's really sad when they pass away.
    Kisses from Argentina!

  6. Looks love you had a great time! I've just finished uni and am deciding what i want to do with my life :S

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    Thanks so much! Love Emma xx