Monday, 26 May 2014

New Purchase: Chunky Cut Out Boots (Topshop Copycat)

So I recently stumbled across these boots on the Topshop website (which I love!). However £42 was a bit steep for me..
Topshop Boots - Get Them Here

I then went to the place where I knew that I could get a version of these for cheaper - eBay. Even better the boots I got are the EXACT same! They were from a company on eBay for only £24.99 and £3.99 shipping!, here is the link

Arent they identical? Best thing is they are so versatile! They can be worn casual or dressy, with skirts or with trousers.. so many outfits! I actually wore them today (I spent 5 and a half hours shopping) with my black treggings, a mint jumper and leather jacket. I must admit my feet were a little sore towards the end but I thought I lasted so long considering I was wearing heels! This is because your feet aren't at much of an angle due to the large platform.

Do you ever look on eBay for bargains?


  1. These are such a good dupe! I love a good platform on a heel too, I can go for hours wearing Jeffrey Campbell litas because your foot isn't angled at all. xx

    ☾ ☾

    1. yeah I love being able to wear them all day:)

  2. they're so nice!

    from helen at

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  3. Love these boots! Such an excellent find :)x

    The Belle Narrative

  4. Great find!!

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  5. They're such a great find! They look so similar to the Topshop ones! :)

    Millie x

  6. I love your boots! What a great find! Cut out boots are the best. I already have a pair; however they aren't platforms like yours. I’m envious! I know what my next shoe purchase will be! :)

    1. yeah I love cut outs:) next on my list are flat ones!

  7. Love these boots, look lovely on you :)
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