Monday, 6 October 2014

10 Things That I Would Tell My 15 Year Old Self

Being 19 you wouldnt think that I had much to say to my 15 year old self but wow, there's so much. Here is my list of 10 things that stand out to me. I would even go as far to say that my 17 year old self should have known some of these points!

1. Do not, I repeat do not straighten and back comb the life out of your hair. It will snap off and take you years to grow back. When you notice a difference in the length do something about it and don't just ignore it.

2. Your family mean absolutely everything to you, do not take this for granted. When you move away to uni you will soon realise how much you miss them so cherish your time.

3. Nobodies opinion of you matters so you really don't need to care about them. Speak up in school and don't just be quiet because you think anything you say will be judged.

4. You are far from being over weight, so don't think that. Take advantage of eating anything you want a not put on the pounds, believe me that will change. Oh and when you go to the beach in the middle of summer its okay to have some body on show, those leggings must be cooking you.

5. Stop skipping school. It sucks I know but if you work really hard then you can get good grades and hopefully get an amazing future job.

6. Practising putting a full face of makeup on and then wiping it off every night is definitely a waste of time, put more time into other things. Maybe a hobby? job interviews are so awkward when you get asked what your hobby is and all you can say is lying in bed.

7. On a similar note - dont waste your time on 'friends' who do not actually care about you. Having a few bests friends is waaaay better than being part of a group who don't bother with you. 

8. If you want to wear your extensions, please at least make them look natural! Hair that looks like this is not nice..unless you are going for a doll look with that bow.

9. Your mum is and will always be your best friend. She brought you up by herself so now is the time to start appreciating it. She will do anything for you and you know that you would for her so show it sometimes. It doesnt always have to be a row when you don't get your own way.

10. Finally why get a black carpet when you have a white dog? even though she is not allowed in your room does not mean that the hairs wont stick to peoples feet. You will spend so much of your precious time working up a sweat trying to hoover this. Just dont do it okay?

What would you tell your younger self?


  1. What a sweet little post, there are definitely a LOT of things I'd tell myself! I remember between the ages of about 13-16 I constantly moaned at how big I was. Looking back at photos, I'd give anything to be that slim again as I'm now about 4 stone heavier! Feel your pain about the whole hair straightening thing too, I use to wash, blow dry, straighten my hair, go to bed, wake up, blow dry (don't ask) and straighten it about 4 times before I left for school, EVERY day - an insane routine! xxx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  2. I was the exact same with my weight, wish I appreciated it!

  3. Aw, this is such a sweet post. I'd probably tell my 15 year old self to stop overthinking things and not be bothered by small problems.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings