Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Autumn Staples - Patterned Umbrellas



It goes without saying that in Scotland an umbrella in Autumn is essential! The last few days I have been using my scruffy, plain black one that is on its last legs. I decided to look up some patterned ones and wow, there are so many out there. You can probably guess which one is my favourite if you read my blog often.. the tartan one (6). Its not a bad price either at £12. I also love the Cath Kidson umbrellas on offer right now (4), I am a sucker for one of her prints. How beautiful is number 1? the pink is so lovely! I have also noticed many clear ones are on offer (7,8) for some reason I always see these as being much more durable even though I have never owned one. The bird cage is mega cute! If you arent keen on a fully patterned umbrella then one such as 5 is always an option, I love the look of a pattern just around the edge.

Do you like printed umbrellas?


  1. that bird cage umbrella is wicked, love it! xx

  2. Umbrella is a necessity in London. I usually go for something bright and fun to make myself feel better when the weather is grey and ugly. :)

  3. That birdcage umbrella! :o I love having a cute umbrella in A/W but try to not get attached to my brollies as they'll likely snap and break during the course of the year!

    Alexandra ♡

    1. yeah mine always break like the first time i use them!

  4. That birdcage umbrella is so so cute! xx

    Abi |