Saturday, 11 October 2014

Slouchy Cardi

**Still no internet, having major problems with the installation!

Shirt – TK Maxx
Treggings – TK Maxx
Cardigan – Primark
Necklace – H&M
Shoes – Ebay

This cardigan is my new favourite thing to wear and it was only £12 from Primark! It is so slouchy and comfortable yet I still think it really makes an outfit. It goes with almost everything.  My plaid shirt is from TK Maxx, I cant remember how much it was but it was not expensive. As much as I praise this type of shirt, this is only the second one that I have ever owned! Shocking huh? However I am majorly happy that I finally bought another one. As much as I love these shoes, they have been seriously neglected as they have just been sat at the back of my wardrobe. It is my mission to incorporate them into more outfits, shouldn’t be hard though because I absolutely love them!

Do you like wearing plaid shirts?


  1. This outfit is perfect in every way; adore the cardy (think I need to look for this in Primark!) and the plaid and those gorgeous boots!

    Alexandra ♡

    1. you definitely should, ive been living in it!

  2. This outfit is adorable. I love plaid, I don't really wear shirts but plaid trousers are a MASSIVE yes for me. YES YES YES.

    Corinne x