Thursday, 8 October 2015

Current Top 5 Products

This is definitely my holy grail brow product and for only £4.99 it is quite a bargain. It can either be used on top of brow powder which creates a really defined look but also just by its self which keeps my brows in place and also keeps them looking natural. I have actually wrote a review on this product so if you are interested and would like to hear more, click here!

I have used this product nearly every day that I have worn eye shadow since I purchased it in February. It is beyond pigmented and makes the perfect base. The price is a bit steep for me, this being £19, however I would definitely buy another one considering I still have more than half of the product left after using it so frequently! To read my review on this one, click here.

Again, this is something that I use pretty much everyday. It glides on to the lips so smoothly and is such a gorgeous colour. I also love how it goes with so many lipsticks that I own therefore a million different liners is not needed. My lips are tiny and this pencil makes it easy to over draw them a little while still making them look natural which is a massive bonus to me!

Now this is the priciest product at £31 and there is most likely a cheaper option out there... but I just love it! The product applies as a creme and dries to a powder making it a dream to blend with either my real techniques sponge or a contour brush. It is also easy to build and the colour is beautiful, not leaving me looking muddy. 

I had never tried a highlighter before buying this and simply went for one from Makeup Revolution because of the tiny price of £3. It is such a great quality product and is even just beautiful to look at. When applied it leaves a slight bit of glitter on the cheek along with a gorgeous sheen. Definitely worth investing £3!


  1. You can tell how much you love that Nyx liner, it's so little now aha! I've heard that that highlighter is fab but just still haven't gotten around to trying it out x


  2. I too love the brow drama, some people really dislike but it works so well on me (and you!) so maybe they are doing something wrong :p

    the nyx liner is so tiny! haha that is love!!!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. The charlotte tilbury shadow stick looks beautiful and I adore brow drama it is so handy xx


    1. I recommend the shadow stick so much, it glides on like a dream:)

  4. I've recently bought Maybelline Brow Drama and I absolutely love it!