Saturday, 28 December 2013

New year resolutions

I normally don't do new year resolutions but this year I feel like there are so many things that I need to change. Here is what I have decided on:

1. Start exercising- Recently I have been so unhappy with my body but I haven't actually done anything to improve it. I think I will start off with the squat and abs challenge and work it up from there (which I have tried numerous times before) I'm so lazy though! wish me luck!

2. Learn different things to cook- I am so bad for cooking the same meal all of the time, the worst thing about it is that all of the things I make consist of pasta which does not help with losing weight. I have numerous cook books that I actually need to open and read.

3. Find a job- right now I am so poor! As soon as I go back to uni I need to hand out C Vs once again in the hope of getting a new job..finally.

4. Keep on improving my blog- In 2014 I hope to continue my blog and also post a lot more!

Also I thought I'd mention the bargain dress that I ordered for New Years eve. Its from Missguided and can be bought here. Ill probably return it because I'm not confident enough with my body to wear it but it was only £19.99!

I hope you all have a good New Year!

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