Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What I Wore: night out #1

I have decided to start a new series of outfits that I wear on nights out as being a student I go out a lot (too much) and constantly have to dress up! I'm one of these people who has to have a new outfit idea every time I go out, it can get annoying and expensive. Recently I've decided I need to start wearing my outfits more than once so the outfit featured in this post was worn last weekend and to a party next month, I'm trying to be good..

I got this dress from New Look last Thursday for only £19.99! Its a lovely navy colour with gold threading throughout it. I especially love the sleeves!

The necklace was also from New Look and was around £8 if I remember correctly. I love this because it can definitely be worn with lots of other outfits!

I also got a lipstick that day from MAC in up the amp. Ah its my new favourite! I don't even have to feel guilty about spending the money because it was an early Christmas present from my boyfriend, bonus!

The shoes I wore are ancient and are from New Look, not the comfiest I must admit.

Here is me at the end of the night looking a little bit worse for wear ha ha! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, I will definitely be blogging more often from now on!

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