Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What I Wore: night out #2

So..I went out last weekend once again. It is actually getting bad how much I go out, so expensive! Sorry I didn't actually get a photo of me actually wearing the dress but I do have an photo of everything I wore, here it goes:

The tartan dress is one I got recently and I am in love! It is from Daisy Street and all though I cant actually find this dress anymore on the website there are many more like it in different colours.

The shoes I wore are from Boohoo and I got them ages ago hence how beat up they are. I was so surprised that they still have them on the website, linked here. Only £25 aswell! so worth it

The necklace is just a silver chain that I got from Primark for around £2. I also had my pandora and shambella bracelets on too.

Hope you enjoyed!

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