Saturday, 25 January 2014

Clinique chubby stick review

I received a chubby stick in the shade 'woppin' watermelon' for Christmas and I have got to admit at first I was not too impressed with it.. however I have grown to love it!

 As you can tell the colour is not red like you would expect from the name but instead appears to be a vivid pink. However it applys as a natural pink, something which I really did not like at first but now I love it as it can be applied literally anywhere without a mirror! It is described as a 'moisturising lip colour balm' so I think that I was expecting too much from the product.

My chubby stick lives in my handbag 24/7. I used to be addicted to using chapsticks whenever I could but this product has quickly replaced them due to how moisturising it is. It also feels exactly like a chapstick and is comfortable on the lips.

The obvious downside is that they are not very pigmented, however that can be expected from a moisterising balm. Also they can be bought here for £17 which may be too pricey for many people.. including me! There are many cheaper alternatives such as L'Oreal's glam shin balmy glosses for £6.99 and also Revlon's colourburst matte and lacquer balms for £7.99, none of which I have tried but definitely plan to!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I really love these fat crayon type lip products. I haven't tried the clinique ones but the Tarte ones are great!

    1. this is my first time trying one! ah I've wanted to try something from Tarte for ages, I might get one of these lip products then!

  2. Love this review!
    I'm always in for new amazing products and i think i'm going to try the chubby stick.

    Have a wonderful day.