Saturday, 11 January 2014

Recent clothes haul

I got a few pieces of clothing for my Christmas and also I bought some myself so I thought I'd show you guys. Ill start with a few things that my mum gave me:

I constantly hinted to my mum how much I wanted a black fluffy jumper and I finally got one! I know its from New Look and I think it was £22.99 as I've saw the same jumper in a different colour for that price. I've been bad by wearing it to bed.. but its just so cosy!

This jacket is from Asda believe it or not! I saw it ages ago when I was with my mum but didn't buy it because I had no money but my mum being the dear that she is went back and bought it for me.

 These shoes are from New Look and are beautiful! I recently saw them in the sale for £8! I also got a new pair of white converse from my mum as she thought my old ones were too 'tatty' ha ha!. I forgot to take a photo but I'm sure you know what they look like.

I wanted these disco pants from Topshop for ages so they were actually the only thing I asked for for Christmas. They are so comfy and were only £28 which I think is so good for Topshop!

Now on to the things I have bought:

I got this cut out shoulder shirt from Boohoo. I wasn't sure if I loved it or hated it but it was only £10 in the sale so I bought it anyway, typical me.

I love this jumper! I walked in to New Look with my sister to find an outfit for her but as soon as I got in the door I saw this jumper and picked it up, only £10 in the sale!

Hope you enjoyed!

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