Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What I Wore: night out #5

As usual I went out on Saturday night.. and I'll be going out this weekend so look out for another outfit. I was really proud of this outfit because the dress only cost me £16.99 and at the time Missguided had 20% off! Here's the outfit:

Helping my niece be stylish ha!

The dress can be bought here. It is seriously over sized so a belt is a must but this also means that I can wear it on the days that I seriously dislike my body because it covers everything. It is also so comfy as well! As usual I wore my black Boohoo heels (I left my others in Aberdeen).

My necklace can be bought here and is from Topshop. It is matte grey and I love it! However it does smell strongly of play dough which is strange..

Hope you enjoyed!

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