Monday, 6 January 2014

Naked 3 Palette: swatches and review

I was so excited when the post man turned up to my door with the parcel that contained my Naked 3 palette! My boyfriend bought me it as a surprise but he caved in and told me early.. I can always get secrets out of people ha ha! Anyway here are some photos:

The palette can with 4 samples of the different primer potions, which I was surprised by but I am still completely fine with.. I was just expecting a lipgloss or small primer potion like the other palettes. I am really impressed with the brush that came free with it also, its actually usable!

I have swatched the colours in the same order that they are in the palette, also I do not have any primer under them but they are still so pigmented! I love the mixture of mattes and shimmers as you can create so many different types of looks. I particularly love the colour 'Nooner', its matte and is the perfect colour for the crease and can be used to make a natural or more dramatic look. 'Darkside' is also the perfect colour for a darker crease, however its shimmery. 'Blackheart' really stands out to me as its a dark brown with red and purple subtle sparkles.. so unique but it is hard to blend. There are plenty of lighter colours for the lid aswell which makes the palette perfect!

The only negative point I have about the palette is that a few of the shimmery shadows are so powdery! Particularly dust as you can see from the swatch. It is a really pretty colour though and can be worked with.

I definitely think the palette is worth £36 as there are so many shadows which can be used to create day time and night time looks. Also there is a very diverse range of colours. I definitely plan to purchase the Naked 2 palette as soon as possible!


  1. I love the selection of colours in this palette. Great, concise review! x