Monday, 2 June 2014

May Favourites

1. This hand wash smells a-mazing! It says that the scent is 'pink grape fruit and basil' however it just smells fruity, I totally don't smell the basil. I find myself washing my hands even when I don't need to because this sticks around for so long. Best thing is that I got it for under £1 from Superdrug, recommend it so much! They also have the same scents in shower gels, I have the orange one and it smells so good!

2. Okay I have had this for so so long, should probably stop using it now. I use this Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe under most of my eye shadows as a base. It adds more dimension and also helps the colours not crease, its amazing and so cheap!

3. The camera totally did not pick up the colour of this Sinful Colors nail varnish. Its actually a seam foam bluey/green. I wore it for 3 days without a topcoat and it didn't chip, so impressed! The shade is called Sweet Nothing. I bought this last year from Boots and totally forgot about it, my mum actually found it under my bed oops! Best thing? they only cost £1.99!

4. Rose gold is my current favourite colour of jewellery. I actually bought these earrings last year from New Look and I have recently rediscovered them, don't you love that? They can spice up any outfit, even a very plain one. My go to earrings!

What were your favourites this month?

I am in Brighton this week, sorry if I am MIA!


  1. I love the simple earrings, I like items that go with everything! Makes them so worth the money :)

  2. The earrings are awesome! Rosy gold is great. Have fun in Brighton, love!

  3. Earrings are my favorite!