Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Favourite Bright Lip Products!

Left to Right - Rimmel by Kate, Elf Lip Stain, Rimmel Apocalips, Inglot, MAC

Bright lips are definitely my go to in summer, I love the look of the bold lip with minimal eye makeup. I usually stick to pinks but at times I am brave and go for red, even though sometimes my pale skin (I don't even tan in summer) just does not agree with the brightness. Here are a few favourites from my collection:

Rimmel by Kate in shade 12 was one of the first red lipsticks that I ventured into. I love this one as its red but has a hint of coral. It goes on very glossy and has a lot of shine to it, this is great as it is not drying in the slightest and does not stick to dry spots. I would say it does not wear as long as a matte lipstick but that's what you expect from one so silky right?

Elf Lip Stain in Red Carpet was a whim buy ages ago! It goes on glossy but dries matte, as you would expect from a lip stain. However I would say it works best with a lip blam over the top as it can be drying. The colour is gorgeous though!

Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic is an amazing bright pink lip lacquer. It feels like a lipgloss therefore it is so comfortable on the lips but it is still so pigmented! I normally find that products like this do not work well on my lips however I love to wear this one, it lasts just that bit longer than normal glossy lipsticks/glosses. 

Inglot lipstick in shade 421 is 100% my favourite bright pink lipstick, I wear it almost every time I go out! It is matte therefore it lasts for ages! However it is so matte that you either have to drag it on your lips or use a lip brush. Also because of this it is best to have moisterised lips beforehand. Its just a perfect bright pink that is not too harsh for my skin tone.

MAC lipstick in Saint Germain was my first purchase ever from the company and at the time I regretted it so much as I didn't not realise how bright it was. However since then I have grew to love the bright bubblegum pink! The finish is an amplified creme therefore it is very pigmented and sits perfectly between glossy and matte. I might need to purchase a back up soon!

Do you like bright lips in summer?


  1. Love a bright lip as well! Always nice for a pop of colour. I love the Rimmel lipsticks, really want to try the apocolips one now as well! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. lovely colours - still haven't tried the apocolips! xx

  3. I'm wearing so much lipstick recently after realizing it didn't actually make me look like a clown as I thought it did XD
    These colours look lovely, I may have to get that elf lip stain!

  4. Oh I love love the color of the Rimmel Apocalips. Bright lips are one of the most fun parts of summer.
    Miss Anna Rebecka

  5. I love the Rimmel Apocalips - I haven't tried this one though, it looks like a lovely colour! :)

  6. The Apocalips shade you have looks like such a gorgeous, pigmented pink! I love a bright lip and I'm yet to try the Apocalips range so will have to take a look! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  7. That Apocalypse shade is the one I've always wanted T_T soooooo lovely!