Monday, 9 June 2014

Our Trip to Brighton/London

Last week I visited Brighton with my boyfriend Joseph, Charlotte from Colours and Carousels and also her boyfriend Paddy.  I now have a new goal in life to move there. It is such a lovely place and I do not know quite how to describe it but the style of buildings and the shops just make you feel like you are on holiday abroad, is that weird? Anyway here is a break down of what we did while we were away on our short break:

Day 1- We arrived into Brighton (after a train, bus, plane and then another bus) on the Monday night therefore all there really was to do was to go out to eat. We went to a gorgeous looking Italian restaurant called Alfresco which was looking over the sea. However the food definitely lacked lustre, well my meal did, Paddys pizza tasted amazing! Also since when did tips automatically get added to your bill? cheeky!

Day 2-

 This was our only full day in Brighton so we decided to completely fill the day. First we went to the Sea Life centre, I never knew there are so many different types of fish! I can not remember exactly the cost of entry but it wasn't expensive and I would totally go again. Then we spent absolutely ages on the pier, I'd hate to think of how much money was wasted on the arcades.. the fish and chip restaurant we ate at for lunch was good though! Then we decided to explore the shops, I never even knew Choccy Woccy Doo Dah was in Brighton. I was good though and didn't buy any thing, that's restraint right there. At night we yet again had Italian food for dinner from a restaurant called Fat Leo, the pizza was so good! I definitely recommend going there as it was 3 courses for £9.50.

Day 2-


We caught the train to London at around 10 am and left at 9 pm, fair to say we were shattered at the end. The day was spent sight seeing - this includes the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens and finally Buckingham Palace.  We also got a sneaky peak of the Queen in her carriage leaving the parliament, exciting! More time was also spent in the arcades next to the London eye.. Then finally we went on it, I was terrified to say the least. Another fear that I conquered that day was going on the Underground - it was a lot less scary than I thought. There was time to spare before we went and got dinner so we had a little look around the shops, Topshop is massive! M&M world was great too, the smell of the store just made me want to go buy heaps of them. Finally we ate at Planet Hollywood, this is another restaurant that I would definitely recommend.

Day 4- This was spent travelling once again, I think everyone had already developed the holiday blues. I would definitely recommend a trip to Brighton to anyone, we did not experience amazing weather but it was better than having constant down pour. I recon Brighton would be amazing in the middle of summer, definitely want to revisit sometime soon! Check out Charlottes blog for even more photos, she was more camera savvy than me.

Have you ever been to Brighton?


  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip, I'm desperate to visit Brighton! xx

    ☾ ☾

  2. Omg I'm so jealous! I miss London and Brighton looks wonderful. I hope you had a blast x

  3. Oh wow it looks like you had an amazing time! I follow Charlotte on Instagram so I saw all her photo's :D xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. You're so lucky you got to go to London! I want to go there so badly! Look like loads of fun :)
    The architecure is beautiful and I've always wanted to visit Topshop there!
    Also, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :)
    Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday! xx

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    Creme de la Chic

  5. ooh it looks like such a lovely trip!

    from helen at

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