Monday, 17 March 2014

Gift Idea: Night out kit

I was seriously struggling to think of a birthday present for my best friend as she has everything and also I was running out of time. She loves going on nights out so why not give her a kit? Here is my logic behind it:

I purchased some makeup for her to get ready with. Firstly is the 'Undress Me Too' MUA palette, I actually got this because I heard its a dupe for one of the Naked ones. The colours are also all wearable so I couldnt go wrong with it really. I then got a gift set from Topshop with the 'Rio Rio' lipstick and 'Morning Dew' cream blusher, my friend loves red lipstick so I thought that was a good choice. The nail varnish I got is by Sinful Colours and it is called 'Boogie Nights'.

I also bought her hairspray to do her hair with on the night. I would have got her a perfume but due to having a low budget I just got her an Impulse spray as I know she likes them. High heels are always worn out so I thought that heel cushions would come in handy. Obviously vodka is needed!. To keep her breath fresh I bought chewing gum. Finally I got Johnsons makeup wipes for her to use when she gets home and is too tired to go all out with cleanser!

Ibuprofen is always needed for the day after so I included that. After a night of drinking I always find that I just want to eat and eat! So I bought her her favourite crisps as a little snack ha ha!

Isnt this bow cute? and only 49p! I bought this to stick on the vodka to make it look a little prettier. So overall I think this makes a pretty good gift as it contains many necessities for a night out, I know Id love to receive it!

Do you know of any other quick gift ideas?


  1. this is a really great idea!
    very creative
    Marlee and You

  2. Such a novel gift and practical too! I'm sure she'll really like it. :)

    Tara x

  3. Great gift idea! Haha, the Quavers! Love it! :)

    1. just thought id add some humour haha!