Saturday, 15 March 2014

OOTD- uni while its sunny

So on Wednesday it was such lovely weather! Well it was warm in the sun and freezing in the shade.. nevertheless as a true Scot (and not used to the sun) I took advantage of it and wore my new floral dress from Primark which only cost me £6.

I totally forgot to put lipstick on on this day and its bugging me! Anyway at the same time as purchasing my dress, I picked up this necklace also from Primark. I thought that its a nice alternative to the typical chain necklace (I still love them though) and it only cost me £4. I must say it broke as soon as I got it but my boyfriend managed to fix it for me thankfully! The blazer I wore is ancient, It was actually my sisters before it was mine and I think its from New Look. I found it buried in my wardrobe at home and fell back in love with it. My shoes... just my ruined black boots from Primark, I definitely need a new pair!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love your dress :) super pretty

    1. thank you:) I love that it was only £6!