Monday, 3 March 2014

Got2b Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo Review

I went to Savers (the home of a poor student) the other week to buy my usual Batiste dry shampoo but there was none left which made me pick up this Got2b Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo - massive mistake!

One thing that really annoys me about this product is that you are meant to shake the can after every spray which is time consuming.  I find that my hair is very 'wet' after I use this and takes a while to dry, when  it eventually does my hair has a horrible coating on it which causes a grey tinge in my hair. The worst point about this dry shampoo is the smell, its awful and lingers! I'm definitely sticking to Batiste.

I know this review is really negative but that is just how the porduct works for me. When I googled reviews on this product I found a mixture of people loved and others hated it so you never know how this will work for you!

Have you ever tried this dry shampoo?


  1. I have tried a lot of dry shampoos but never this one. Thanks for giving such an honest review.


    1. Id never actually heard of it until I seen it instore, I just love Batiste!