Monday, 10 February 2014

Collection Super Size Fat Lash Mascara Review

I have got to admit I did not expect much from this mascara as it only costs £2.99 (can be bought here) but I have continued to repurchase it! Although there are many positives to this mascara, there actually are a few negative points also:

As you can see this mascara definitely adds length to my lashes, I just wish it added a little more volume but for £2.99 I still think it is pretty impressive. I love the massive brush and unlike others I don't find its too big that it puts mascara on my lid too, which is so annoying especially if I have just put eye shadow on! With Collection mascaras I find that they dry out quickly but I don't find that this is the case for this product. However the thing that annoys me with this mascara is that it does not hold a curl! My lashes just seem to go soft after a couple of hours and it doesn't even feel like I have mascara on yet my lashes still look long and dark. Overall for £2.99 I think this product is great, I'm on my 3rd tube!

Do you like collection products?

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