Saturday, 1 February 2014

Recent Purchase: combat boots

Quiz is not normally a store I shop in but when I got an email from them which displayed these boots I fell in love! even thought they are not my usual look, I do need to change it up though. However having no money they were a bit pricey for me at £34.99 so I just put them to the back of my mind but was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend ordered me them!

I got my boots in taupe (which can be bought here) but they also come in dark pink and cream. The lace part is actually see through so I can not wait to wear these with vintage wash jeans and thick socks. The boots actually look really sturdy which I was surprised by and I expect (hopefully) that they will last a long time. So overall I am really happy with these boots and so far think they are totally worth it!

Do you ever shop at Quiz?

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