Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekend in Glasgow

So last weekend my boyfriend and I went to see my uni bestie Charlotte (colours and carousels) and her boyfriend in Glasgow. I am one who hates sitting doing nothing at weekends so a night away was perfect for me! Our plans were just to go out for a meal and drinks on the Saturday and then have a look around the shops on Sunday, can I just say there are so many amazing shops in Glasgow?!

The photos were all taken on my phone, hence not the best quality. I was excited for Saturday night because it finally meant I had a chance to dress up a little! As pictured in the top photo I wore my big fluffy cardigan from H&M with a floral shirt and my black quilted skater skirt. I wore my chunky studded boots (last outfit post) yet again, they are so comfy. We went to a place called Bunker where I had amazing vegetable fajitas, they were so spicy though! We also chose a few cocktails from the extensive menu which were great too, and not too expensive. After that we headed to various different pubs!

On Sunday we went 'shopping' and when I say shopping I mean we looked around the shops to look at all the things we loved but couldn't afford. The weather was awful though, so rainy but I did have my black fluffy jumper on to keep me warm.. possibly too warm. For some reason I am in love with Hamleys, I would live in there if I was a child! However what was even more amazing was the jewellery section at Forever 21, I was in actual shock at how beautiful it was. Still I refrained from buying anything, that's willpower! Then we were off home on our 3 hour long bus journey.

Do you like going to Glasgow?


  1. i love everything about your outfits!! the coat, the necklace, and im really enjoying your lip color!

    1. awh thank you so much! my lipstick is up the amp by mac :)