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Sunday 14 February 2016

My Current Skincare Routine - Extremely Dry Skin

In recent years I have definitely neglected my skin as using makeup wipes became a consistent habit. However the past few months my foundation has not been looking nice at all due to my extremely dry skin, specifically on my nose. Finally I decided it was time to invest in some products, here is what I bought and what I think of them so far:

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm (£9.50) - I popped into Boots the other week and noticed this cleanser however did not pick it up. It played on my mind as it seemed like a great product to improve my skin due to specifically being for dry to very dry skin. It claims to 'cleanse, comfort and hydrate' which I definitely think is try. I apply it just like it says on the bottle, by smoothing it over my skin and remove with a cotton pad. If you are interested in this product then definitely check out the amazing reviews on the Boots website!

Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All (£9) - With a name like this I just had to pick it up. This was primary bought to scrub my very dry nose as that was the area which was most noticeable, even without wearing foundation. I apply this onto a damp face and scrub my nose, forehead and chin for around 30 seconds then remove. It definitely leaves my face feeling a lot smoother and more fresh however, I will only be using this around once a week as it may be a little harsh on my skin if I do it more.

Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator (£13) - I bought this in hopes that it would assist the No 7 cleanser in hydrating my skin. Reading the description, this product sounds like an intense moisturiser which is definitely is. It claims that it 'super-hydrating, powerfully rejuvenating, and specially formulated with actives and nutrients that feed and plump your skin while you sleep' which I have found to be true. After applying a tiny amount of this at night, I wake up with wonderfully hydrated skin and my foundation applies significantly better. 

If you are after some more skincare, Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer which you should definitely take advantage of!

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Amazon 'Metal' Makeup Brushes

I used to constantly hint to my boyfriend about buying me the Real Techniques Bold Metals contour brush and I think he got a bit fed up of it. He carried out his own research and found these brushes on Amazon for only £7.80 and with reviews such as 'the perfect dupes', I thought that they were definitely worth a try.

The set contains 3 silver brushes that are primarily for the eyes. The '201 Pointed Crease' brush on the right is perfect for applying a precise crease colour and also blending. In the middle is the '200 Oval Shadow' brush which is good at applying shadow all over the lid and finally the '202 Angled Liner' brush on the left which can be used for either liner or on the eyebrows.

The gold brushes seem to be for face products such as powder or foundation however I have yet to try both. On the left is the '100 Arched Powder' brush which will be good for applying powder all over the face. The brush on the right hand side is called the '101 Triangle Foundation' brush which personally I would use for applying powder under my eyes and not for foundation. 

Finally the rose gold brushes are for applying other face products. The '301 Flat Contour' brush on the right is definitely the one which persuaded me to buy the set. It works well in applying a precise contour as well as blending. On the right is the '300 Tapered Blush' brush which I have yet to use as I do not apply blush.

So overall the brushes are a great deal at £7.80 however I cannot compare to the actual Real Technique ones. The reviews on Amazon are great and state that although the brushes are not as heavy or dense as the originals, they work almost as well. They have not persuaded me to not get the RT contour brush though, that is still definitely on my wishlist!

Have you tried the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes?

Sunday 7 February 2016

Valentines Date Outfit Ideas

Valentines day is one of my absolute favourite events to dress up for, whether that be hanging with your partner, friends or family. The colour palettes such as pretty pinks or bold reds highly appeals to me and also the feminine silhouettes. I will take any chance to dress up as I do not get to do that often! Here are some outfit ideas that I came up with, my one this year looks much like the fancy dinner one featured here.





Have you got any plans for Valentines day?