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Monday 30 March 2015

Primark's P.S. Love Matte Lipstick

Originally when I saw these lipsticks in Primark my immediate thought was to stay clear of them. However after watching Miss Budget Beauty's video on YouTube, I became desperate to purchase this shade after her rave review.

The packaging itself does not look as cheap as the £1.50 price tag, so cheap! I definitely think that it looks like something one of the drugstore brands would sell. The fact that you can see the colour of the lipstick due to the base of the packaging is another bonus. No more having to rack through lipsticks and trying remember the colour in your head!

This has to be the most perfect nude that I own aside from my Maybelline Colour Drama lipstick in Nude Perfection. Such a great my lips but better colour with a gorgeous underlying hint of lilac/mauve which appeals a lot to me. The only downside is that the lipstick has glitter in it, not a lot but is definitely still there. I just think this cheapens the product a bit. No fret though, if you rub it in with your finger the glitter tends to disappear. The lasting power is okay... not the best though. I find that after around 2-3 hours it may need reapplied. What can you expect for £1.50 though?

Overall this is such a great lipstick for £1.50! The colour is gorgeous and can be worn day or night so considering the price tag it is such a bargain!

Have you tried any of the makeup that Primark offers?

Saturday 28 March 2015

Ripped Jonis and Roshes

Jumper - New Look
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Schuh
Necklace - New Look

This is definitely a go-to comfy outfit for me, I actually wore it while travelling to London! The jumper caught my eye immediately while browsing the New Look website a while back and I knew that it had to be bought. I recon it could definitely be worn year after year! Joni jeans have to be my favourite ever jeans to wear just because they are so comfy as they feel more like jeggings. And finally my Nike Roshe Runs... need I say more? I wear them far too much as I just love the style and they are beyond comfortable.

What type of outfits do you like to wear while travelling?

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

 *Sorry about the grey panel on this post, I need to somehow get Photoshop again!


1. Snake print has to be one of my favourites right now and I am so sad to say that nothing in my wardrobe consists of it. This t-shirt dress is only £15 which is such a bargain for a versatile piece! I would team it with a belt and white heels for a night out or black tights and chunky boots for the day time.

2. I saw this costume at my work and immediately fell in love. I promise it is so much prettier in person! Shame the closest that I will get to a holiday this year is Aberdeen beach...

3. Sleek palettes used to be my obsession but in the last few years they were completely forgotten about. I have seen a few posts recently about Sleek palettes and now they are totally appealing to me again! I especially love the colours in the bottom row in this one.

4. My sister actually owns a jacket exactly like this and I am so envious! Denim jackets have never featured in my wardrobe but I really want to jump on the bandwagon. They look so perfect for spring!

What is on your wishlist?

Monday 23 March 2015

Current go-to Makeup

I usually like to experiment with my eye shadow colours but I have just fallen in love with this look! It may be because it is so quick to do on the days when I can actually be bothered to put on eye shadow and lose some sleeping time... It features one of my favourite palettes which is a bargain at just £4! I so recommend you get it:

1. First I apply my Charlotte Tilbury shadow stick all over my lid and blend. It makes such a perfect base or it could even be worn alone as it is so easy to smoke out.

2. I then apply a shade from my Makeup Revolution palette (third from right). It is pretty much the same colour as the shadow stick but with a little more sparkle. This is put on to my lid and in the crease.

3. Sometimes I go full out and do winged liner however on an everyday basis my looks just have a very thin line which flicks out a little at the end. No time to worry about symmetry!

4. Mascara and black eyeshadow to my bottom lash line then finish off the look. So quick and easy!

What is your go to look?

Saturday 21 March 2015

High Neck and Tartan

Top - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Cardigan - Primark
Necklace -New Look
Boots - Schuh

I just threw on this outfit for uni and instantly fell in love, isn't it amazing when that happens? The skirt is from New Look a while back and I wear it so often, this includes nights out and comfy outfits. Versatile pieces are great! Paired with my new high neck top and comfy cardi made this look perfect for sitting in my two hour lecture (it really was as boring as it sounds). Recently I have been loving layering necklaces, preferably sets that you can buy because it is just easier. This gorgeous piece was only £3 on sale! Finally I wore my trusty chunky boots as always.

What is your go to comfy outfit?

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Wednesday Wishlist


1. This dress is absolutely stunning, such a gorgeous print! It definitely could be worn in winter with thick black tights and even in summer with some sandals. Would be a great versatile piece to own.

2. I have always wanted a Tiffanys necklace but do not think I will ever fork out the money for one. However when in London I noticed a rose gold necklace that I immediately loved and when looking on the site found this... and love it even more! 

3. Ah these would be perfect for the spring months! I could see me wearing them with both jeans and skirts/dresses. I need!

4. Right now beige skirts are on so many sites and in stores, I actually ordered one from New Look and adore it. However this one is suede.. so I need both right?

Monday 16 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon

Charlotte Tilbury products have been on the top of my wishlist for a while now and when in London a few weeks back it was the perfect time to browse the stand in Selfridges. Originally I was going to purchase one of the eyeshadow quads however although they are stunning, I felt that so many in my collection were similar to all of the colours. Instead this beauty was bought!

The Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils come in ranges for green, brown, blue and hazel eyes with a colour for day and another for night. Like many people I was not caring about the eye colour guide and picked up Dark Pearl which is recommend for brown eyes. My eyes are actually green but this shade still makes them pop!

It is a gorgeous brown shimmery colour which really reminds me of Mugshot from the Naked 3 palette. I regularly use this as a base and layer the Naked 3 shadow on top. However this pencil can be used alone, just apply on to your lid and smudge with your fingers and you are left with a stunning smokey eye! There is plenty of time to work with this product too as it takes around 30 seconds to set and once it has, wow it really does not budge even when you rub it ferociously. Trust me I have tried. Another amazing attribute of the product is that it is extremely build able. One layer is perfect for the day time and with more added makes the perfect party eye. No creasing has been noticed either. Perfect!

The pencil retails for £19 which may seem a bit steep but I (who usually is stingy and sticks to cheaper products) honestly think it is so worth it! More shades are definitely going to be purchased in the future. Charlotte you have created an amazing pencil, expect to see more cash from me soon.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products?

Saturday 14 March 2015

My Mum

Something which is always on my mind but I never actually speak about is how much I appreciate my mum. I know absolutely no one else who could have put up with me through out my teen years... cringe looking back. Temper tantrums were my forte and although my mum did lose her cool a few times, she did a cracking job! thanks mum!

She played the role of both parents to me and my two sisters which I can imagine was tough. Jeez three teenage girls tantrums to deal with. However she did an amazing job and my sisters are proof of this as they have become amazing mothers. Also I can imagine when my dream of owning pugs eventually comes true, I will be the best pug mother out there! I'm talking princess beds and everything.

'Its not fair, she is the favourite child' was often heard in the household growing up and actually still to this day. More often now 'I am the favourite child' comes from each of our mouths. Although its a running joke my mum definitely treated us all fairly and worked her butt off to give us everything (well obviously not completely everything, where are my pugs?) we needed.

Saying that, the number one lesson that I learned from my mum was that everything is not handed to you on a plate. This definitely has given me motivation to get through uni and eventually/hopefully get a good job. Even though she taught us this she was never the pushy parent through school, as long as I tried my best she was happy. I also appreciate so much how hard my mum worked and successfully climbed the career ladder and meanwhile put us first on her list of priorities. 

Again, I hope that I follow in the footsteps of my mum. Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there!

What do you appreciate most about your mum or what do you want your kids to appreciate about you?

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Having a 'NueVue' on my Phone

£45 seems a bit steep for a phone case right? That is what I thought being trying this innovative NueVue case*. It is so beneficial!

I am one who never considers how much dirt and bacteria are actually on my phone screen. According to NueVue, studies actually found that 94.5% of smartphones have some sort of bacteria on them and 30% of that end up on the owners hands, yuk! Never mind how much that could break your skin out! This definitely has made me think more about how dirty my phone can be...

The great thing about this case is the microfiber lining cleans both your screen and camera while also killing 99% of the bacteria on your phone. That is pretty cool and really makes me feel more at ease. I also love the pink design and the green lining, the bright colours just proclaim happiness! There are many other colour options available too, also faux leather ones that are a little cheaper. 

I can definitely see me keeping my phone in this case when it is in my handbag instead of it just lying at the bottom calling all bacteria to gather. It is a bit tight at first and taking your phone out takes a few seconds however upon reading reviews this apparently wears off. That is the only negative that I have found apart from the high price point but I really think it is worth it! The microfiber lining apparently never wears down either, bonus!

Have you heard about NueVue before?

Monday 9 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked Palette

A few months back I purchased the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette and immediately fell in love. If you are interested I wrote a review which can be found here. Honestly it has been used nearly everyday since it was bought therefore, another purchase was on the cards. This time the Romantic Smoked palette was my pick. Did it live up to my iconic 2 though? Here are my thoughts:

As you can tell the highly pigmented shadows of the Iconic 2 definitely carried on to this palette. However a few of the lighter shades are a bit disappointing but for £4 you really can not complain. The slightly darker shades make up for this though! There are a mixture of mattes and shimmers in which is great as it gives you choice. I love putting a shimmery shade on my lid and then a slightly darker matte in the crease. However with this palette my typical combination is all matte, so unusual for me. This look features the 5th from the right shade on my lid and 4th from the right in my crease and wow, its so gorgeous I promise! Khaki is quickly beginning to be one of my favourite colours to wear on my eyes and before I would have never have thought to go near the shade. The primary reason that this palette was picked up was due to me having green eyes and wanting to experiment with purples which are said to make the colour pop. So far I am really impressed, Makeup Revolution has done it again.

I highly recommend both of the palettes that I have tried. Both are great for day and night and so many different looks can be creates. For £4 they are such a bargain!

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products?

Saturday 7 March 2015

Black on Black

Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - Primark
Boots - Schuh

I am definitely a new found lover of black on black outfits. Recently this faux leather skirt with suede panels caught my eye and I knew that it had to be bought. The search has been never ending for a leather skirt with the perfect fit and this is it, I can stop now. My long sleeve crop top that was bought from Primark a while back has to be one of my favourite basic pieces as it can be worn with casual or dressy outfits. Finally the culprit of this all black outfit is this beautiful Primark necklace, can you believe it was only £6? I knew it would look perfect with this skirt and top! The gems are actually a really pale blue even though they are coming off as white in the photo. I added my Blowfish boots as they are so comfy and the chunky style is right up my street. Finally my £25 bargain jacket topped this outfit off. I love the faux fur around the collar, really looks more expensive than I paid for it. Got to love Primark. 

Do you like all black outfits?

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I am sure everyone who loves eyeshadows thinks Charlotte Tilbury quads are absolutely gorgeous! When in London the stand in Selfridges was filled with an array of beautiful shimmery colours as well as a few mattes. The only thing stopping a purchase is that I already have so many shades like this in my collection... the resistance can only last so long however.

2. With Spring arriving I am desperate to get my hands on a pair of peep toe booties. So many bloggers have been showcasing these in their outfits recently and wow, they look great!

3. The cream contouring hype right now has really gotten to me! Currently I use a concealer as a highlight and my Bourjois bronzing powder but this stick would be a fabulous addition to my collection.

4. Again this sponge is on my wishlist due to the contouring phase as it would be perfect to blend with. I have always actually wanted to try a beauty blender but have heard so much about the Real Techniques version. Have you tried it?

What is on your wishlist?

Monday 2 March 2015

Who is Behind Velvet Winter?

I love reading random facts about people and since I have never done one, now is the time! These are probably really boring but it was really fun writing this post. Here goes:

♥ My name is Eilidh which is pronounced 'Ay-lay' and originates from Scotland (where I live). However I often get asked how to say my name or where I am from..

♥ My age is 19 and will turn 20 in July. Not sure that I am ready to leave my teenage years as I still feel like a 16 year old inside.

Me as a baby with my sisters
♥ I was a stubborn 10 year old and decided that I wanted to become a vegetarian and still am to this day. It was a bit hard growing up as all of my family were meat eaters but I pushed through! There was one slip up though a few years a go when a restaurant gave me meat lasagna instead of vegetable but lets not go there!

♥ I am the youngest of 3 with my sister Kirsty being 27 and Jen 25. Growing up with them was great and I definitely looked up to them immensely, still do.

♥ My 3 nieces and 2 nephews are very important to me and I adore them heaps. We are all such a close knit family!

The family at Christmas minus Sofia who was asleep in her cot

♥ In 2013 I moved to Aberdeen, which is an hour and a half train journey from home, to study Fashion Management at university. Although my boyfriend is through here with me, it is hard being away from home. It really does take moving away to appreciate every thing your mum has done for you growing up... and makes you realise massive piles of washing is not fun. 

♥ Me and my boyfriend Joseph have been together for 3 and a half years. Who knew a relationship that started over MSN could last so long huh? ha ha! He is definitely my rock.

Joseph and I
♥ After uni I have no idea what career I want to pursue, I do know that moving even further from home will probably be a must though as where I am from has no opportunities with fashion. This scares me a lot but is definitely something to look forward to.

♥ I am one of these major pug lovers, my boyfriend now is too! We have already established names for our future ones.

♥ I definitely get stuck in ruts with the way I dress and do my makeup. Moving to a bigger city has definitely make me experiment though.

♥ This is also the case for food. Right now my meal choices are always pasta with cheese or pasta in a tomato sauce.

♥ Most people say I come across as very shy, that's not the case though! I'm just more of a listener than talker.

♥ I would much rather sit in with a takeaway and a film than go on a night out. Though they are fun every so often, mainly just cause I like getting dressed up.

♥ The amount of times I have watched all of 90210 would exceed the fingers on both hands.. I constantly have it on as background noise.

♥ As much as I love doing my makeup, hate doing my eyebrows. Such a hassle!

♥ I visited Brighton for the first time last year and fell in love. Dying to go back and even move there in the future.

So there you go, a few facts about me! Hope it was not too boring for you

Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?