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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Real Techniques - Nics Picks

For years now I have wanted a Real Techniques brush set and finally this Christmas, I got one. My wonderful sister bought me these and it was such a coincidence that it was the exact set that I wanted! 'Nics Picks' retails for £29.99 and I have to say it is such good value for money. The set includes 5 brushes that would help you complete a whole face look, 3 of them are exclusive to the kit. 

 Here is a close up of all the brushes:

I will definitely be purchasing more from Real Techniques in the future, the brushes are just such great quality! My favourite so far is the Duo Powder Fibre brush as it just makes my skin look so smooth when I apply my powder. I also love the cheek brush as it is so dense and applies my bronzer on perfectly! The angled eyeshadow brush looks perfect for applying a crease colour, I am still yet to use it though. I have used the base shadow brush to apply colour all over my eyelid and it was good, not a very unique one but it did its job. Finally I have been using the eyeliner brush to outline my lower lash line with black eyeshadow, it would be great for winged liner but I use a marker one. Would also be good for eyebrows actually. I really do recommend this kit!

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes?

Saturday 27 December 2014

Sales Wishlist

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Have to say that I am already missing the festive atmosphere but am loving the sales, I do not even know where to look first. Here are some picks of mine so far. I am almost 100% sure that there will be more added to the list!


Have you gotten any good bargains in the sales?

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Perversion and Subversion

For ages now I have wanted to try Urban Decays Perversion mascara and when it appeared on Cohorted, I jumped at the chance of purchasing it for a good deal! Normally it retails for £17 but I got it for £10(something) and with a bonus sample of Subversion primer. The company claims that the mascara glides on smoothly and is mega black... I have to agree!

The photo really does not show how good the mascara is! I used both the primer and mascara and loved the results. One coat is definitely enough as it goes on very black and gives lots of volume to your lashes, even without the primer. Two coats also works too, you just have to watch that you don't make it so clumpy though! It didn't smudge on me or flake, which is a must for me when it comes to mascaras. I feel that the primer does add to the results but is not a must. It is now one of that products that I wish I never knew how amazing it is! £17 is definitely a bit steep for me... I will probably buy this again at some point, just when I have the money to spare. You know, poor student problems and all that. Have you tried Perversion?

I hope you all have a fab Christmas!

Monday 22 December 2014

Festive Night Out

Top - Primark
Skirt - New Look
Heels - New Look
Necklace - Primark

Last week, me and my friends decided to go on a night out. Since it was near Christmas I wanted to wear something festive! I originally wanted to wear something sparkly but with nothing in my closet I was stuck for ideas... and money. When I remembered my flat mate Charlotte has this tartan skirt I jumped at the chance to wear it. Tartan is also festive in my opinion, especially this colour. Teamed with my black long sleeved crop tee and black heels made it an outfit that I loved, the sleeves also kept me warm while walking to the club. As usual a gold chain was added, it would not be an 'Eilidh' look without a chain would it? I also borrowed Charlottes Mac lipstick in Viva Glam III (if thats even how you type it), its gorgeous though! On another note, how cute is my brussel sprout wrapping paper from Paperchase?!

Have you been on a Christmas night out? If so, what did you wear?

Saturday 20 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist

I always enjoy wish list posts and since Christmas is near, its the perfect time to put one up. Really I do not expect to receive any of this except the Naked Basic 2 palette which my mum has got for me, so excited! However like I said these posts are always fun to read! Just wish that I could buy this all for myself...


First on my list is any form of Real Technique brushes.. I have heard so many great things about them and have wanted them for years (1)! Next is definitely Mac's Rebel lipstick (2), isn't it the perfect winter colour? Another beauty is this paisley print shirt dress that would be perfect for day or night (3). I am imagining it with chunky black heels and maybe leather shorts under. I have actually had my eyes on this studded black bag from River Island for ages! (4) It is so practical yet still fashionable in my opinion, would go with so much. As mentioned above my mum has actually got me the Naked Basics 2 palette (5), I don't even think that I need to explain how great it will be. Every girl would love a Lush set huh (6)? Snow Fairy is definitely my favourite winter scent so this one would be perfect. The Samsung NX2000 would be an absolute dream present... my sister has it and I am in love (7)! It would be so great for my blog instead of using my iphone camera. Finally are these gorgeous gemstone heels (8). Sadly when putting the links into this post the black ones had mysteriously disappeared but linked are the silver ones instead. Still perfect for the party season! 

Whats on your wishlist?

Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

I came across this tag on Milk Bubble Tea last month and since then have been really wanting to do it! I love reading this type of post, it totally lets you know more about a person. I tag anyone reading who would like to do a post on this tag, also feel free to write your answers in the comments!

My nephew Vince a few years ago, don't think he liked the hat? So cute though!

What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?
Oh this is hard! Is saying 3 cheating? I remember going to see The Polar Express in the cinema with my sister when I was younger and since then have loved it. Elf is also a favourite in my house at Christmas, we had it recorded on our Sky box 2 years a go and we watched it so much! Finally I have to say Home Alone, who doesnt love it?

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
When I was younger we got to choose a present from a family member and open it Christmas Eve and then the rest on Christmas. This was always the hardest decision, I just had to choose the right one!

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I dont however every Christmas was I was younger was majorly exciting! I am sure my mum loved me and my sisters waking her up at half 5..

Favourite festive food?
oooh, just Christmas dinner as a whole! I am a veggie so eat Quorn ham but have everything else that a roast dinner consists of. Nothing beats a yorkie pudding

Favourite Christmas gift?
I can't say that there is a favourite but 2 specific ones come to mind. My mums amazing and got me a net-book one year and an iPhone two years ago. So grateful!

Favourite Christmas scent?
Got to be cinnamon! My mum has this scent burning every winter and when I am stuck at uni it just reminds me of her

Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?
We just hang out together as a family. I have 2 sisters and both have kids so usually one set stay at my mums therefore making it so much more exciting. I love watching the kids opening presents so excitedly!

What tops your tree?
At home we have a massive over the top angel called Susan that my sister bought my mum years ago. However since all of the kids have moved out my mum has toned the decorations down, boo!

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) you always asked for but never received?
I think that I changed my mind every year so there isn't just one!

What is the best part about Christmas for you?
Just the happy atmosphere and spending time with family, nothing beats it!

Monday 15 December 2014

Not On The High Street Christmas Gift Guide - Best Friend

I always think that best friends are the easiest to buy for whether its cute presents or joke ones. Me and my friends are so alike therefore I know if I like something then they most probably will too. If all else fails put together a goody bag of all of there favourite food! Here's my picks from Not On The High Street:


These gorgeous necklaces (1) come in many different pastel colours and black. I just think they would make the perfect gift for any girl who likes jewellery. The lip balm (2) comes in a Pina Colada scent, which is just so unique. Another balm is this hangover rescue (3) which is such a great idea for a girl who you know that loves going out. It is funny yet effective! To create said hangover then the set of 6 cocktails (8) is great (not that a hangover is great). I love the idea of this as it gives your friend many different cocktails to sample. For getting ready on nights out why not get your best friend this initial makeup bag (6), if she lives far away from you then it is a good excuse for her to come and visit as she can use it for travel makeup! Most girls love nail varnish right? This makes the wintry coloured nail varnish trio (9) a perfect gift. If your friend has a ipad then why not get her a personalised cover (5)? I know if I received this then I would think that it was so thoughtful. Another thoughtful yet humorous gift is the partners in crime friendship necklace (7), does it just not take you back to your childhood? Finally every girl loves to pamper herself so the bath set (4) would be well appreciated!

What are you planning on getting your best friend?

Saturday 13 December 2014

Fluffy and Tartan

Jumper- New Look
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Ebay

Tartan again... I know, its getting bad but I just love it! This skirt is from New Look and I have actually featured it in a post before, which can be found here. The colours are gorgeous, burgundy has to be my favourite colour to wear right now. Sadly this cant be found on the website anymore but there are so many like it. Ah this jumper has to be the cosiest one that I own! It was actually gifted to me by my mum last Christmas so again its not on the website anymore but here is a similar one. You can also find these in other stores such as Topshop too! Mine is terribly unflattering but I love it. My shoes have been featured many times of my blog and even have their own post dedicated to them. They are so comfy and I must say, they are just beautiful!

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Not On The High Street Christmas Gift Guide - Sister

Having two sisters myself, I know how hard it is to choose presents for them. As mentioned in my previous gift guides, I love buying personal or personalised of presents. Its pretty much guaranteed anything from me will be! Here are some items that I would choose for my sisters:


Christmas is a time that you can be cheesy with presents right? First soppy item is this silver bangle (1) which says 'sisters share a special bond that lasts a life time', there are also other thoughtful sayings that can be chosen. Another jewellery item are these earrings (9), I chose these mainly because of the cute saying on the card! How cute is the porcelain key ring(5)? it would make a great addition to any ones keys. I added in hot chocolate because surely every one loves it (6)! The love heart necklace (3) would be perfect for my sisters as there is three of us and the colours are gorgeous. However if there aren't three siblings in your family then it would still look lovely on. I found this 'Me & My Sister' frame (4) absolutely adorable, it would make the perfect photo gift. Another perfect item is the make up bag (2), everybody needs a pick me up every so often! If your sister loves tea/coffee then this mug (7) is perfect, make sure you get her preferences right though or that could be a bit awkward! I never make hot drinks for anyone so I would definitely be stuck choosing.. Finally the most cheesy but cute award goes to this print (8), I would love to get this for my sisters! I only live an hour and a half away by train but its still mega cute.

Do you have a sister? If so what are you getting her?

Monday 8 December 2014

Christmas Gold Eyes

Everybody loves a good old gold smokey eye around Christmas right? I love the look and it makes me feel so festive! Once again, just like my winter day time look, I am using the Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette which I absolutely love.

First I applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk all over my lid like always. Then A was applied all over my lid, I am not actually a fan of this shade of gold on my skin tone so B was then put over the top to create a lighter gold (1). To create a subtle crease colour just to give depth, I added C just above my socket (2). To make this darker D was applied right over the top (3). You could just stop at this stage but I still wanted the look to be darker therefore E was applied just to my outer v. Be careful with this shade though, only apply a little bit as it is not as easy to blend like the others! Finally I added winged liner, mascara and eyeliner on my bottom lash line and its done! If you would like to see what face products, eyeliner and mascara I used, it can be found in this post.

Why do my eyebrows look so different!?

The lipstick that finished off the look is by Makeup Revolution in shade Rebel with Cause. Sadly I have to say that I am not a fan. First off the shade looks so much darker in the bullet! Also, as you can probably see from the photos, as soon as you rub your lips together the lipstick wears off the centre of your lips. In these photos I had it on for 2 minutes! This is just my opinion though, you never know the lipstick might work for you. At £1 it is definitely worth a try.

What is your go to winter look?

Saturday 6 December 2014

Not On The High Street Christmas Gift Guide - The Man In Your Life

 Another person that I find it hard to buy presents for is my boyfriend. Maybe it is just because I am female and have no idea what males like. Most of the time, I force my boyfriend to tell me what to get him but when this fails a personalised gift is always on the cards. Here are a few items that I found on the Not On The High Street website:


My all time favourite on this list is the pillow cases (20, it could not be more true for me and Joseph! He constantly moans that I take up most of the bed. I also think the braided bracelets are cute (6) They are still manly too which I find is hard when buying bracelets for boys/men. The key ring (1) is also adorable! It is so personal as you could mark down a special date on it. Of course I included a personalised tankard (8) because don't all people feel cool when drinking out of one? The measurement (3) glass is also a great idea! I nearly always buy my boyfriend a wallet at least once a year, I particularly love this one (5) as his name can be written on it. Like most gift guides, I included a mug (8). I chose this one specifically as the soppy saying is so cute. I recon that all men would love to receive a beard grooming kit, its basically an essential for them. Finally you can not go wrong with a photo gift such as this collage (7). This one is so unique as it is actually Polaroid pictures which adds a little something extra.

What have you got or are getting the man in your life?

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Christmas Party Dresses

So its that time of year again... to go through the long process of choosing the perfect Christmas party dress! I tend to stick to either sparkles, velvet or darker colours as you can see below. Many websites are featuring ox blood coloured dresses and I have to say that I love it! Here are a few of my favourites that I have found:



10, 1112

The ox blood choices are just gorgeous! I am particularly in love with 12, skater dresses with long sleeves always appeal to me. Another dress that really stands out to me is this gorgeous cobalt blue one (11). Everything about it is perfect from the style to the pattern! Of course a couple of sequin dresses have to be included in this, both are so gorgeous. Is it just me or does red (3) and green(4) sparkles just make you think of Christmas? A little velvet number had to be included (7). I think that this one is on the top of my list and I might actually purchase it! Finally another one that I am considering getting is this gorgeous patterned one (5). How beautiful is it? All of these could definitely be worn at New Year too!

What style of dress do you like at this time of year?

Monday 1 December 2014

Not On The High Street Christmas Gift Guide - Mums

Am I the only one who finds it really hard to find their mum a Christmas present? I've already given her all my good ideas the past few years! When I ask her what she would like, the only answer I ever get is 'I do not need anything' so stressful! Anyway Not On The High Street has always been one of my favourite websites to get presents on and it definitely did not disappoint in this search! I just love personal or personalised presents, they just seem so thought out. 


The idea of giving my mum a personalised photo album (1) and filling it with photos seems perfect and I think that she would love it. Who doesn't like receiving photo gifts that bring back memories? The photo frame (8) also goes along this lines! This one you can even personalise by writing a little message. My mum loves a glass of wine hence the wine glass (5), I recon any lover of wine would be glad to receive this and find the humor in it, same goes for the mug (3). It also comes in different colours and the word 'wine' can be changed out for things such as tea, champagne and prosecco. Initial necklaces (2)  have to be my all time favourite present to give, they are just so personal and are perfect for parents who are proud to show the initials of their children. Similar to this is the family tree (6), I just think that this looks so clean cut and would make a great addition to a home. If your mum has an iPad (I think you can get it for a kindle too) and loves reading books then this case is perfect (7)! The buyer gets to choose which design to choose and they all relate to a book: these include ones such as To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby and The Secret Garden. All of the designs are gorgeous! Another gift which I think a mum would love is the Dear Mum book (4) in which questions are asked and she can fill in all of her memories. Definitely something that can be kept in the family for years and would be so lovely to read! Finally who ddoesn'tlove a pair of luxury socks?(9)

Do you know what you are getting your mum this year?

Saturday 29 November 2014

Christmas Scents and Great Deals

*Sorry about the quality of the photos, desperately need to invest in a camera!

A few weeks ago, I went to The Body Shop to sample their three new Christmas scents and I was not disappointed. The new smells included Frosted Cranberry, Vanilla Brulee and Glazed Apple. My favourite has to be the Glazed Apple scent, I was beyond happy when I saw it! It reminds me of the sour apple chewits, I used to always eat them as a child. Vanilla Brulee smelled lovely but it just is not the typical smell that I usually go for. Frosted Cranberry smelled so lovely and fresh. The store also had a deal on this day in which if you spent £40 you got £20 off, amazing! Here is the purchases that I made:

First of all, let me just say that I paid £21.50 for all of these products. This is pretty great considering I bought a £25 gift set to give to my boyfriends mum for Christmas! This contains an Eau de Toilette, a body butter, body polish and a lip balm all in the Frosted Cranberry scent which I hope she will like. Oh it also comes with a shower scrunchie, you cant go wrong with one of them. I had to buy myself a few treats too.. first I picked up the Strawberry Shower Gel which retails at £4. This scent has to be my all time favourite from The Body Shop so I had to get this! I also bought the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser which costs £8.50. The range is great and does wonders for my skin, I definitely recommend this cleanser! You have to buy a lip balm when in the store right? I got Born Lippy in the scents Raspberry and Passionberry, both smell gorgeous! These were £2 each.

The store were also nice enough to gift bloggers with goodie bags which was very exciting! Here is what they contained:

I was so so so happy that the bag contained a body butter in the new Glazed Apple scent and this is worth £13! I cannot wait to use it (I probably have by the time this post goes up). There was also a Vanilla Brulee Sparkler spray which will be perfect for Christmas nights out, this sells for £15. Finally the bag contained 6 samples, silly me should have wrote down what they all were! I know for sure one was the Frosted Cranberry scrub and also Intablur.

Have you been in to see the Christmas range, if not what is your favourite product from The Body Shop

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Hats

I have never been a person who wears hats but every winter I definitely regret it. There are so many nice styles out that there that I am going to have to try and pull off. Here are some lovely ones that are worth getting hat hair for!


Beanies seem to be the most popular style of hat right now. Looking on websites there are hundreds of them! I am particularly loving the pale blue one (5), mainly for the massive pom pom! The fur trend has even branched on to these areas of hats (4) which is great as everyone loves a bit of fur in winter. Of course pom poms made of fabric are cute too (3), there are just so many colour choices with beanies! Even just plain ones look great (6), they are definitely a fun way to work colour into your winter wardrobe. You can even add a little bit of sparkle like the embellished beanie (11), a great way to perk yourself up from the winter weather.

How glamorous do the fur head bands look? You definitely aren't restricted with colour either, my favourite has to be the grey/brown shade (1). However if you are wanting to feel ultra fabulous go for white (7)! These can definitely dress up an outfit and even better keep your head seriously cosy. I might just have to try one!

Another fashionable way of keeping your head warm is by wearing knitted headbands. I absolutely love the idea of these as they keep you cosy and you can probably wear them in doors - anything to minimize the risk of hat hair! These also come in so many different colours but the burgundy (2) has to be my favourite. So many different patterns are about too, I am loving the monochrome Aztec design (12).

Do you like wearing hats?

Monday 24 November 2014

Fur Collar

For ages now I have been wanting to get a leather coat with fur for winter but being a poor student, I have no money! I came across a fur collar/scarf on the Topshop website but at £28, it was a bit pricey. Finally this beauty was discovered on the Missguided website for only £12.99 which I thought was a bargain! Here is how I styled it:

Fur - Missguided
Jacket - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Jeggings - Asda
Boots - New Look

I started with a simple outfit that included a white jumper and jeggings, I can not find them online anymore but they really are just basics that could be found anywhere. The jacket and fur make a huge impact on this look as it was transformed from basic to incorporating two trends. These being fur and leather. The boots are my absolute favourites, I have actually written a post about them already which can be found here. The look is perfect for casual days such as having a browse around the shops,  I even think that it could be worn to more dressy events such as a social gathering or family meal. The fur really makes such a difference in terms of making the outfit more stylish and I am beyond glad that I finally bought it! It is so perfect for these cold winter months.

Do you like fur and leather?

Saturday 22 November 2014

Winter Flicks and Berries

Each autumn/winter without fail, my go to makeup look involves winged eyeliner and berry lips. It is such a classic look that I notice a lot of people stick to. Here is the products that I used to create it and a quick step by step guide:


First of all I applied shadow A all over my lid as a base colour (1). Shadow B was the applied in the crease, this colour is perfect as it blends so easily and provides the perfect gradient (2). For even more depth, shadow C was added right on top of this(3). Mac Satin Taupe, which is labeled as C, is one of my absolute favourites from the brand. The shadow makes the perfect crease or lid colour. For this look I concentrated it on my outer corner (4). Finally winged liner was added with my favourite Collection liner!

Here is the finished look topped off with Topshop's Inhibition lipstick! I actually bought the lipstick last winter and have loved it ever since. If purple shades are your thing, I definitely recommend buying it. My face makeup routine never changes, honestly can not even remember last time it varied from the products pictured above. Maybe I should start using some products that are great for the winter weather... do you have any recommendations? 

What is your go to winter look?

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Socks

There is nothing better than sitting at home in a pair of nice cosy socks while watching the awful weather outside. Winter definitely gives me an excuse to buy a lot of cute socks! This goes from thick ones to wear around the house to frilly socks that can be worn with boots. Here are some of my favourites that are in stores right now:


Who does not love socks with animals on them? I personally love the pug socks (3) with the Santa hats on, not that I need anymore socks with pugs on.. I also love how animals such as reindeer, polar bears and penguins are more acceptable to have on your socks in winter! They just remind me of Christmas so much as year after year, I get socks like this gifted to me. I am definitely going to add the burgundy and white socks with deer on them (9) to my sock drawer this year.

Another trend in socks that I love is frills. They look gorgeous paired with winter boots as they just add a little something extra to an outfit. Even styled with trainers such as Converse they look great. How gorgeous are the mint coloured ones from Topshop? (2) These style of socks come in so many different colours, in so many stores that it is now so hard to choose which ones to get!

Finally everybody needs thick socks in winter. The grey ones are perfect for styling with boots also (12), or they would even be great for lounging about the house in. I am dying to get my hands on cute slipper socks like the polar bear ones (5). My flat is freezing in the winter and these would be ideal for cold wooden floors. The burgundy ones also look like they would be so cosy!

Do you love choosing socks in winter?

Monday 17 November 2014

Roll Neck Winter

Roll neck jumpers have a high presence in the fashion market right now and I love them! Not only are they majorly fashionable, they look so cosy which is perfect for this season. There are so many different outfits that can be styled with this type of jumpers, here are a few looks that I have put together and would love to own:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 1 simply consists of a plain black jumper, tartan trousers and chunky boots. As you can tell from my previous blog posts - I love tartan! The colour of these are perfect as they are a darker tartan and are not too in your face, something which I prefer. If you want to make an even bigger statement just go for a brighter tartan! Literally any patterned trousers will go with this top. The boots add a little extra to the outfit, as I feel that the gold buckles make up for not having any jewellery.

I have been a fan of ripped jeans since they became popular a few months back therefore I styled a khaki roll neck jumper with them in outfit 2. However the main focus of this outfit is the amazing leather jacket, the faux fur is such a statement! Finally I added the cut out black boots, probably not the best for the colder weather but we suffer for fashion don't we? You could always add chunky boots instead like I previously wrote a post about here.

Outfit 3 has to be my favourite! It features a white roll neck and a monochrome tartan skirt. The skirt also has a hint of blue, adding a pop of colour. I decided a necklace since none of the other outfits feature jewellery and I wanted to show that longer necklaces can still be worn. These black chunky boots are now at the top of my wishlist, they are so unique with the top buckle. Finally the look is finished off with a gorgeous woolly coat, I am dying to add one like this to my collection.

Do you like roll necks?

Saturday 15 November 2014

Shades for the Season

 When it comes to winter I get so excited at the thought of getting to wear berry lipsticks again. In my opinion the deep tones suit every one and can compliment so many outfits. Here are a few picks that I have discovered:


1. This NYC lipstain in 'champagne stain' is perfect for days when you want a berry lip but a slightly more subtle one. The marker tip makes it so easy to apply! It is also great as the product definitely stains and does not budge for hours, such better wearing power than any lipstick that I have ever tried.

2. Mac's Up the Amp is one of my favourite lipsticks from the brand. As it is an amplified creme finish, it provides so much pigment as well as being creamy on the lips. It is the most perfect lavender colour which is so wearable!

3.Number 3 is Topshop's Inhibition lipstick. I bought this last year when wanting to experiment with a darker purple lip and I have loved it ever since. It is my ultimate go to shade, I actually have a blog post coming up next Saturday which involves this so keep a look out!

4. This Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 107 is definitely my favourite shade of red to wear as it deep tone that suits so many skin tones. Being pale, I find it hard to wear reds but this one is great. Also how amazing do the Kate lipstick smell?

4.I recon almost every one has seen this Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 01 before. It is such a gorgeous winter red! I actually borrowed this one from my flatmate Charlotte but I am definitely considering buying it for the winter months!

What is your favourite winter lipstick?