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Monday 31 March 2014

Beauty Things I Suck At!

Ill admit I haven't actually been tagged by anyone to do this but I love the idea of this tag. I always relate to at least one point that other bloggers make, which I find interesting. Hope you enjoy!

1. My Eyebrows

I have good days and bad days with my eyebrows.. however even on good days it takes me at least 20 minutes to do them, it sometimes even takes an hour because I'm so fussy with them! It doesn't help that one is naturally fuller than the other either, just adds even more frustration.

2. Lining/Apply Lipstick Symmetrically

No matter how hard I try I always seem to apply my lipstick squint! I don't actually notice until I see in photos, my problem area is always my cupids bow (As you can see from the picture)

3. Applying Blush

I am so bad at applying blush.. I've actually skipped applying it for years now. I always seem to end up looking like a clown or apply it in the complete wrong place. I've watched countless tutorials on how to apply it but it just wont work for me.

4. Creating Different Hairstyles

I only ever have around 3 hairstyles: straight, curly or in a ponytail. I'm just not very creative.. It doesn't help that I have horrible thin hair with some many different layers.

5. Cleaning My Makeup Brushes Regularly

I know, such a bad habit but I just cannot get into the routine of cleaning my brushes often. I actually need to purchase new ones as mine as so old and are falling apart.

What beauty things do you suck at?

Saturday 29 March 2014

Essie Spring Pastels

 I am a huge lover of pastel nails in Spring!  When I have pastel nails my mood is automatically enhanced as they just make me think of sunny weather, even if it is still freezing here! I'm dying to go out and get my hands on some new ones for this year as most of my polishes have gone all gloopy which is sad. When I walk past an Essie stand, there is always at least a handful of colours that I want to own. Stupidly I decided to browse the Superdrug website and look at what Essie polishes they had to offer, now my heart hurts because I know I'll never be able to afford all the ones I love! Anyway here are some of my favourites:


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. This necklace is actually under the girls section of the River Island website but I fell in love with it! I think I just like how it incorporates many different pastel colours in one necklace, could brighten up any outfit!

2. I feel in love with this skirt in New Look and had to drag myself away from it. However I do plan to buy it for my holidays. It was placed near a mint top that went perfectly! Definitely an outfit I want to own.

3. How beautiful is this top? I want to buy it for my holiday also but I feel that I may not be able to pull it off.. nothing going into the changing rooms cant solve!
4. I just love how simple this bag is yet the colour makes it unique. I can just imagine it accompanying a spring/summer outfit. Its not that expensive either, waaaaay cheaper than the Mulberry one from last week!

Monday 24 March 2014

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Review

I started using this moisturiser around the start of February and it is still half full! Mine is only a tester size which is 15ml but the actual 50ml size can be bought here. I use this before I put my makeup on everyday and I actually really like it, however my face has broke out recently but I cant pinpoint what product has done it, which is annoying!

This moisturiser is fragrance free which is good as it is less harmful to sensitive skin (like mine). It really does hydrate my dry areas, which is mainly my nose and chin. I also find that it helps my makeup apply smoother - I would use this product just for that factor! Another bonus is that you only need a tiny bit and it drys so quickly, I've actually read that you can load it on also to create a face mask (Ill have to try that).

Although this product is great it is very pricey at £32. I dont see myself repurchasing it as I love my Nivea Creme just as much if not more and it is a lot cheaper. If you do want to splash out though I do highly recommend this product!

Have you tried this?

Saturday 22 March 2014

Empties #2

1.The strawberry scent from The Body Shop is definitely my favourite of theirs, so obviously I was in love with this body polish! I don't normally use body scrubs (unless I'm about to fake tan) but I found myself using this often due to the lovely smell, I have got to say it is very runny though so I feel like a lot of product is wasted. However I would definitely buy it again!

2.These ASDA skin system wipes are a constant repurchase for me because they are so cheap. They take off my eye and face makeup easily without causing my skin to break out or go dry. My only bad point is that they dry up quickly once out of the packet.

3.I got this sample for Christmas and it actually lasted a long time! I wouldn't say this Clinique foaming cleanser is the best one that I've used but it does do the job and doesn't harm my skin. I'm going to keep purchasing Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean from now on though.

3. Moisturising conditioners are my favourite! This is also a repeat purchase as I find the VO5 range are on offer a lot, even when they aren't the prices are not high. This product definitely leaves my hair soft and moisterised, it even has heat defense!

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wednesday Wislist


1. I spent ages trying to decide if I should choose a seasonal coloured bag or one I could use all year round...then I realised I'll never actually get one! I adore Mulberry bags, especially the one pictured, its a shame they are so expensive. A girl can dream!

2. I saw this blazer in New Look the other day and instantly fell in love! Its such a lovely spring/summer colour and would brighten up anyone's wardrobe.. especially mine which features mainly dark colours (I need to change that!)

3.Right now daisy's are my obsession - on clothes, jewellery, photo frames, phone cases... the list could just go on and on. I saw this necklace on River Islands website and just thought it was beautiful. I reckon it could spruce up any plain outfit!

4. This jewellery box was almost purchased as a gift for my friend but I ended up going in a different direction. I can just imagine this sitting on my dressing table looking beautiful! I am so tempted to order it for myself.

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 17 March 2014

Gift Idea: Night out kit

I was seriously struggling to think of a birthday present for my best friend as she has everything and also I was running out of time. She loves going on nights out so why not give her a kit? Here is my logic behind it:

I purchased some makeup for her to get ready with. Firstly is the 'Undress Me Too' MUA palette, I actually got this because I heard its a dupe for one of the Naked ones. The colours are also all wearable so I couldnt go wrong with it really. I then got a gift set from Topshop with the 'Rio Rio' lipstick and 'Morning Dew' cream blusher, my friend loves red lipstick so I thought that was a good choice. The nail varnish I got is by Sinful Colours and it is called 'Boogie Nights'.

I also bought her hairspray to do her hair with on the night. I would have got her a perfume but due to having a low budget I just got her an Impulse spray as I know she likes them. High heels are always worn out so I thought that heel cushions would come in handy. Obviously vodka is needed!. To keep her breath fresh I bought chewing gum. Finally I got Johnsons makeup wipes for her to use when she gets home and is too tired to go all out with cleanser!

Ibuprofen is always needed for the day after so I included that. After a night of drinking I always find that I just want to eat and eat! So I bought her her favourite crisps as a little snack ha ha!

Isnt this bow cute? and only 49p! I bought this to stick on the vodka to make it look a little prettier. So overall I think this makes a pretty good gift as it contains many necessities for a night out, I know Id love to receive it!

Do you know of any other quick gift ideas?

Saturday 15 March 2014

OOTD- uni while its sunny

So on Wednesday it was such lovely weather! Well it was warm in the sun and freezing in the shade.. nevertheless as a true Scot (and not used to the sun) I took advantage of it and wore my new floral dress from Primark which only cost me £6.

I totally forgot to put lipstick on on this day and its bugging me! Anyway at the same time as purchasing my dress, I picked up this necklace also from Primark. I thought that its a nice alternative to the typical chain necklace (I still love them though) and it only cost me £4. I must say it broke as soon as I got it but my boyfriend managed to fix it for me thankfully! The blazer I wore is ancient, It was actually my sisters before it was mine and I think its from New Look. I found it buried in my wardrobe at home and fell back in love with it. My shoes... just my ruined black boots from Primark, I definitely need a new pair!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I love acrylic drawers as they are neat but you can still see all your makeup inside. I've wanted some for as long as I can remember but I have just not got round to it.. I definitely need to though! One things for sure, I will not be getting this exact ones as I do not wish to be set back £109.99!

2. Houndstooth has always been one of my favourite prints and when I came across this dress on Missguided I fell in love. I also fell in love with the £19.99 price tag. Hopefully its still there next month because my lovely boyfriend said he'd treat me!

3.This is obviously the back of the playsuit! The front is just a usual v-neck. I saw this in Miss Selfridge and couldn't take myself away from it. I just think it looks so pretty and feminine! However I always find the bottom parts of play suits are never flattering on me, boo!

4. Thats it, I am in love. How cute is this phone case! My friend Charlotte actually introduced me to the website and there's so many lovely cases, have a look!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 10 March 2014

My Everyday Eye Makeup

I've wanted to do a 'Face of the Day' post for a while but for weeks I've had a coldsore on my face bugging me so instead I decided to show you my everyday eye makeup! This is the routine I follow on uni days or when I am in a rush, hence the how simple it is:


First off I colour my brows with the brow eye shadow in my Sleek i-Divine Storm palette (as you can see I have hardly any of this colour left). I love this palette and I keep buying it over and over mainly for the brown for my brows but I recently ordered the Sleek Brow Kit so fingers crossed it works just as well! Then I apply foundation to my eyelids (Revlon Colourstay). I like to do this after so I can line the under part of my brows to make them more defined.

I then apply a thin layer of my Collection Extreme 24h felt tip liner to my top lid and flick it out a little at the end. I love this eyeliner as it lasts quite a while for a felt tip, is easy to use and also its very dark. The main thing I like about it though is that its only £2.99! For lining my bottom lid I wet my brush and use the black from my Sleek palette.

Mascara is the final product that I apply. I started using this Collection Supersize mascara when I first became a poor student as its only £2.99 and just continued to use it as it does the job. I actually have a review of it here! I curl my lashes, apply one layer and then go back in when my lashes are dry with another layer as somehow I think this makes them longer and fuller.

Do you use any of these products?

Saturday 8 March 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I really need to invest in a good camera. I tried my best to take photos but shiny objects and iPhone cameras just do not mix, sorry! However I do think that the true colour of the lipsticks can still be seen so I thought this post was still worth while, here is my MAC lipstick collection!

L-R: Up The Amp, Please Me, Pink Plaid, Lovelorn, Cremecup, Saint Germain, Snob, Viva Glam Gaga

I bought my first MAC lipstick around 3 years ago and instantly fell in love, mainly with the smell! However I was a bit disappointed in my colour choice as I had ordered Saint Germain not realising how neon it is. Being 18 and more daring with my lipstick I have grown to love it, especially for the summer time. I specifically love the 'Amplified' finish as I feel like it is not too glossy (I hate glossy) and stays in place. I also love Up The Amp for this reason too, I picked it out on a whim as I wanted to branch out of my usual pink (as you can see many of my collection are similar shades). I am so glad my boyfriend got me it for Christmas because its my favourite right now!

The other two finishes that I love are 'Matte' and 'Satin' as I feel both also aren't too glossy and wont budge from my lips. The 3 colours that I have in these finishes are definitely my go to shades, especially snob. I just think its the perfect cool toned pink and looks great all year round, this is actually the only lipstick I have ever repurchased!

However I really don't like the 'Cremesheen' or 'Lustre' finish. Its a shame because the three shades that I have in these finishes are so pretty but I just cant bring myself to wear them as I know they are so glossy that they will just slide off my lips within 15 minutes. If you like the glossy finish then you will probably love these! I must have liked it at one point because my Viva Glam Gaga has certainly been used a lot ha ha!

Whats your favourite MAC lipstick?

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

 1. I cant face going into Paperchase anymore as these frames are displayed so beautifully and I cant bring myself to buy one. They have loads of lovely pastel shades which I love but also some bright ones.. the urge to treat myself is starting to become overwhelming.
2. I know this is a February birthstone ring and my birthday is in July but I love it and have been lusting after it for over a year! I think it looks so delicate and would go with every outfit. I actually asked my mum to get me it for my 18th but instead I decided on getting clothes for a festival, I regret this is much!
3. Something I am seriously lacking in are heels that aren't black. I am in desperate need for some chunky nude heels and these ones from New Look are perfect! I cant wait to brighten up my 'going out' wardrobe and step away from black.
4. Cath Kidston prints are my weakness, my dream house would be covered in it! I came across these hangers on ASOS and instantly fell in love, the only thing I am not in love with is the price.. £12 for 3 hangers? I'm used to 10 for £1 from Poundland ha ha!
Whats on your wish list?

Monday 3 March 2014

Got2b Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo Review

I went to Savers (the home of a poor student) the other week to buy my usual Batiste dry shampoo but there was none left which made me pick up this Got2b Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo - massive mistake!

One thing that really annoys me about this product is that you are meant to shake the can after every spray which is time consuming.  I find that my hair is very 'wet' after I use this and takes a while to dry, when  it eventually does my hair has a horrible coating on it which causes a grey tinge in my hair. The worst point about this dry shampoo is the smell, its awful and lingers! I'm definitely sticking to Batiste.

I know this review is really negative but that is just how the porduct works for me. When I googled reviews on this product I found a mixture of people loved and others hated it so you never know how this will work for you!

Have you ever tried this dry shampoo?

Saturday 1 March 2014

Trend: Asymmetric skirts/skorts

I absolutely love asymmetrical bottoms! Every time I go into a clothing store or online I notice at least one skirt or skort that I really want to purchase and I have to drag myself away from it, specifically black ones as they would go with anything! Also who doesn't love the idea of a skort?! I constantly have problems with my skirt blowing in the wind so why not wear shorts that look like a skirt instead. Visions of outfits constantly are in my head centering around an asymmetric skirt/skort worn with either a jumper, crop top or a t shirt. Here are a few of my favourites:


Do you like asymmetrical skirts/skorts?