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Saturday 29 November 2014

Christmas Scents and Great Deals

*Sorry about the quality of the photos, desperately need to invest in a camera!

A few weeks ago, I went to The Body Shop to sample their three new Christmas scents and I was not disappointed. The new smells included Frosted Cranberry, Vanilla Brulee and Glazed Apple. My favourite has to be the Glazed Apple scent, I was beyond happy when I saw it! It reminds me of the sour apple chewits, I used to always eat them as a child. Vanilla Brulee smelled lovely but it just is not the typical smell that I usually go for. Frosted Cranberry smelled so lovely and fresh. The store also had a deal on this day in which if you spent £40 you got £20 off, amazing! Here is the purchases that I made:

First of all, let me just say that I paid £21.50 for all of these products. This is pretty great considering I bought a £25 gift set to give to my boyfriends mum for Christmas! This contains an Eau de Toilette, a body butter, body polish and a lip balm all in the Frosted Cranberry scent which I hope she will like. Oh it also comes with a shower scrunchie, you cant go wrong with one of them. I had to buy myself a few treats too.. first I picked up the Strawberry Shower Gel which retails at £4. This scent has to be my all time favourite from The Body Shop so I had to get this! I also bought the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser which costs £8.50. The range is great and does wonders for my skin, I definitely recommend this cleanser! You have to buy a lip balm when in the store right? I got Born Lippy in the scents Raspberry and Passionberry, both smell gorgeous! These were £2 each.

The store were also nice enough to gift bloggers with goodie bags which was very exciting! Here is what they contained:

I was so so so happy that the bag contained a body butter in the new Glazed Apple scent and this is worth £13! I cannot wait to use it (I probably have by the time this post goes up). There was also a Vanilla Brulee Sparkler spray which will be perfect for Christmas nights out, this sells for £15. Finally the bag contained 6 samples, silly me should have wrote down what they all were! I know for sure one was the Frosted Cranberry scrub and also Intablur.

Have you been in to see the Christmas range, if not what is your favourite product from The Body Shop

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Hats

I have never been a person who wears hats but every winter I definitely regret it. There are so many nice styles out that there that I am going to have to try and pull off. Here are some lovely ones that are worth getting hat hair for!


Beanies seem to be the most popular style of hat right now. Looking on websites there are hundreds of them! I am particularly loving the pale blue one (5), mainly for the massive pom pom! The fur trend has even branched on to these areas of hats (4) which is great as everyone loves a bit of fur in winter. Of course pom poms made of fabric are cute too (3), there are just so many colour choices with beanies! Even just plain ones look great (6), they are definitely a fun way to work colour into your winter wardrobe. You can even add a little bit of sparkle like the embellished beanie (11), a great way to perk yourself up from the winter weather.

How glamorous do the fur head bands look? You definitely aren't restricted with colour either, my favourite has to be the grey/brown shade (1). However if you are wanting to feel ultra fabulous go for white (7)! These can definitely dress up an outfit and even better keep your head seriously cosy. I might just have to try one!

Another fashionable way of keeping your head warm is by wearing knitted headbands. I absolutely love the idea of these as they keep you cosy and you can probably wear them in doors - anything to minimize the risk of hat hair! These also come in so many different colours but the burgundy (2) has to be my favourite. So many different patterns are about too, I am loving the monochrome Aztec design (12).

Do you like wearing hats?

Monday 24 November 2014

Fur Collar

For ages now I have been wanting to get a leather coat with fur for winter but being a poor student, I have no money! I came across a fur collar/scarf on the Topshop website but at £28, it was a bit pricey. Finally this beauty was discovered on the Missguided website for only £12.99 which I thought was a bargain! Here is how I styled it:

Fur - Missguided
Jacket - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Jeggings - Asda
Boots - New Look

I started with a simple outfit that included a white jumper and jeggings, I can not find them online anymore but they really are just basics that could be found anywhere. The jacket and fur make a huge impact on this look as it was transformed from basic to incorporating two trends. These being fur and leather. The boots are my absolute favourites, I have actually written a post about them already which can be found here. The look is perfect for casual days such as having a browse around the shops,  I even think that it could be worn to more dressy events such as a social gathering or family meal. The fur really makes such a difference in terms of making the outfit more stylish and I am beyond glad that I finally bought it! It is so perfect for these cold winter months.

Do you like fur and leather?

Saturday 22 November 2014

Winter Flicks and Berries

Each autumn/winter without fail, my go to makeup look involves winged eyeliner and berry lips. It is such a classic look that I notice a lot of people stick to. Here is the products that I used to create it and a quick step by step guide:


First of all I applied shadow A all over my lid as a base colour (1). Shadow B was the applied in the crease, this colour is perfect as it blends so easily and provides the perfect gradient (2). For even more depth, shadow C was added right on top of this(3). Mac Satin Taupe, which is labeled as C, is one of my absolute favourites from the brand. The shadow makes the perfect crease or lid colour. For this look I concentrated it on my outer corner (4). Finally winged liner was added with my favourite Collection liner!

Here is the finished look topped off with Topshop's Inhibition lipstick! I actually bought the lipstick last winter and have loved it ever since. If purple shades are your thing, I definitely recommend buying it. My face makeup routine never changes, honestly can not even remember last time it varied from the products pictured above. Maybe I should start using some products that are great for the winter weather... do you have any recommendations? 

What is your go to winter look?

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Socks

There is nothing better than sitting at home in a pair of nice cosy socks while watching the awful weather outside. Winter definitely gives me an excuse to buy a lot of cute socks! This goes from thick ones to wear around the house to frilly socks that can be worn with boots. Here are some of my favourites that are in stores right now:


Who does not love socks with animals on them? I personally love the pug socks (3) with the Santa hats on, not that I need anymore socks with pugs on.. I also love how animals such as reindeer, polar bears and penguins are more acceptable to have on your socks in winter! They just remind me of Christmas so much as year after year, I get socks like this gifted to me. I am definitely going to add the burgundy and white socks with deer on them (9) to my sock drawer this year.

Another trend in socks that I love is frills. They look gorgeous paired with winter boots as they just add a little something extra to an outfit. Even styled with trainers such as Converse they look great. How gorgeous are the mint coloured ones from Topshop? (2) These style of socks come in so many different colours, in so many stores that it is now so hard to choose which ones to get!

Finally everybody needs thick socks in winter. The grey ones are perfect for styling with boots also (12), or they would even be great for lounging about the house in. I am dying to get my hands on cute slipper socks like the polar bear ones (5). My flat is freezing in the winter and these would be ideal for cold wooden floors. The burgundy ones also look like they would be so cosy!

Do you love choosing socks in winter?

Monday 17 November 2014

Roll Neck Winter

Roll neck jumpers have a high presence in the fashion market right now and I love them! Not only are they majorly fashionable, they look so cosy which is perfect for this season. There are so many different outfits that can be styled with this type of jumpers, here are a few looks that I have put together and would love to own:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 1 simply consists of a plain black jumper, tartan trousers and chunky boots. As you can tell from my previous blog posts - I love tartan! The colour of these are perfect as they are a darker tartan and are not too in your face, something which I prefer. If you want to make an even bigger statement just go for a brighter tartan! Literally any patterned trousers will go with this top. The boots add a little extra to the outfit, as I feel that the gold buckles make up for not having any jewellery.

I have been a fan of ripped jeans since they became popular a few months back therefore I styled a khaki roll neck jumper with them in outfit 2. However the main focus of this outfit is the amazing leather jacket, the faux fur is such a statement! Finally I added the cut out black boots, probably not the best for the colder weather but we suffer for fashion don't we? You could always add chunky boots instead like I previously wrote a post about here.

Outfit 3 has to be my favourite! It features a white roll neck and a monochrome tartan skirt. The skirt also has a hint of blue, adding a pop of colour. I decided a necklace since none of the other outfits feature jewellery and I wanted to show that longer necklaces can still be worn. These black chunky boots are now at the top of my wishlist, they are so unique with the top buckle. Finally the look is finished off with a gorgeous woolly coat, I am dying to add one like this to my collection.

Do you like roll necks?

Saturday 15 November 2014

Shades for the Season

 When it comes to winter I get so excited at the thought of getting to wear berry lipsticks again. In my opinion the deep tones suit every one and can compliment so many outfits. Here are a few picks that I have discovered:


1. This NYC lipstain in 'champagne stain' is perfect for days when you want a berry lip but a slightly more subtle one. The marker tip makes it so easy to apply! It is also great as the product definitely stains and does not budge for hours, such better wearing power than any lipstick that I have ever tried.

2. Mac's Up the Amp is one of my favourite lipsticks from the brand. As it is an amplified creme finish, it provides so much pigment as well as being creamy on the lips. It is the most perfect lavender colour which is so wearable!

3.Number 3 is Topshop's Inhibition lipstick. I bought this last year when wanting to experiment with a darker purple lip and I have loved it ever since. It is my ultimate go to shade, I actually have a blog post coming up next Saturday which involves this so keep a look out!

4. This Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 107 is definitely my favourite shade of red to wear as it deep tone that suits so many skin tones. Being pale, I find it hard to wear reds but this one is great. Also how amazing do the Kate lipstick smell?

4.I recon almost every one has seen this Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade 01 before. It is such a gorgeous winter red! I actually borrowed this one from my flatmate Charlotte but I am definitely considering buying it for the winter months!

What is your favourite winter lipstick?

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Scarves

An essential part of a girls winter wardrobe is a scarf.. or many scarves if you are like me. Nothing beats adding a perfect one to your outfit on a freezing cold day. This year stores are releasing many that stray away from the traditional knitted or plain scarves. Here is my wishlist:


An apparent trend in scarves is definitely tartan, as with everything else this winter. I am particularly loving reversible designs (6), the idea of having the choice of either black and white tartan or a coloured one really appeals to me. Even just showing both sides of the scarf like the model is in the picture looks great! Classic tartan scarves (1) are very popular right now too. My favourite look is a tartan scarf teamed with a khaki jacket, black jeans and white converse, I noticed many people wore it last year. Tartan scarves come in so many colours now so there is a massive choice!

Faux fur is also another trend that is circulating in all aspects of fashion this season. Collar scarves (3, 8) are a good investment as they can be worn over any jacket or jumper to create a more expensive look. They are so versatile and can change up any outfit. I have also seen faux fur snoods online, they must be so cosy! Talking about snoods, they just keep coming back year after year! I love them because not only do they keep your neck so warm but they can come in such nice colours or designs. I particularly love this pastel blue one (2). It would brighten up anyone's winter wardrobe!

Finally patterned scarves have made their way into stores again. These are great as if you are a lover of florals (9) then you can transition the summer trend into winter by wearing slightly darker patterns. Fair isle (12) is also a print that I love, is it just me or does it not just make you feel so Christmassy? You could always go for a cute and quirky pattern such as penguins with Santa hats on (11)! 

Are you a fan of wearing scarves?

Monday 10 November 2014

My Winter Jumpers Are Out!

Every year when the weather gets colder, I get so excited to start wearing woolly jumpers again. Here is a purchase that I got a few months back. It is such a staple piece and I look forward to styling it in many different ways!

Shirt – New Look
Jumper – Primark
Treggings – TK Maxx
Shoes – Ebay

How gorgeous is the colour of this jumper that I bought from Primark? If I am right in thinking, it was less than £10. They have so many cosy knits right now so I definitely recommend going to your nearest store and having a look! The tropical print shirt that I am wearing underneath is not actually on the New Look website anymore but any monochrome shirt would look great under this jumper. The shirt was actually handed down to me from my mum as she bought it for herself and decided it was not for her. Although its sad, I love it when that happens!

The same story goes for my treggings except they were given to me by my sister. I actually live in these as they go with almost every outfit. Hopefully I can find some similar ones in another store as I want to stock up. Treggings are great as they have the look of leggings but are so much thicker which is perfect for winter. I do not think TK Maxx sell these particular ones anymore!

My shoes have been featured in many blog posts as I just love them! The weather has turned a bit for the worst so soon I should really swap these out for boots that cover my whole foot. Nevertheless these shoes are still adored by me! They are also still available online, I really recommend buying them if you are into chunky shoes as they are so comfy.

Have you bought some winter jumpers yet?

Saturday 8 November 2014

Chapped Lips Weather

There is one thing that I dread when winter comes, this being chapped lips. Horrible cracked lips do not look nice with matte berry lipsticks! Normally my lips get scrubbed to the very last inch of there lives and I apply a not very moisterising lip balm. This year things are different and research has been done into lip saving products, here are the final 8 that I thought would be great for winter:


1. I have actually owned this Blistex lipbalm (£1.75) before and just because of the smell I would definitely repurchase it. The Raspberry lemonade scent forces you to battle not licking your lips, it tastes so good! The balm contains coconut oil, jojoba and vitamins E and C so with no doubt it is definitely moisterising!

2. Barry M is not a brand that I would have looked at for a nourishing balm but judging by the reviews, this Cor Balmy! tinted lip balm (£3.49) sounds great. The core contains vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter which sounds like a nourishing mix. The balm comes in 5 different shades, ranging from light pink to a deep berry colour therefore there is so much choice!

3. Ah trusty old Vaseline (£2.18), I have to say this is such a childhood product for me. However now that I am older, I can fully appreciate the hydrating properties of this product. This particular one contains cocoa butter extracts, which also contain vitamin E and antioxidants. 

4.  When it comes to talking about lip balms, Burts Bees is always mentioned but I am ashamed to say that I have never tried anything from the brand myself. This replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil (£3.69) sounds mouth watering!

5. Carmex is another well known brand in the lip balm world and yet again I have not tried anything from them. This classic lip balm (£2.69) contains bees wax and menthol which apparently soothes, nourishes and leaves tingling feeling on the lips.

6. Smooch Operator (£5) is designed to nourish extremely dry lips. It definitely sounds promising as it contains many oils such as argan and rose hip. The balm also has mango butter and vitamin E mixed in.

7. The Nivea Lip Tin in Raspberry Rose (£1.68) also sounds like it would smell absolutely amazing. Apparently it soothes, nourishes and moistens the lips, sounds like a great product for the winter months!

8.The Nivea SOS Lip Relief (£3.36) is meant to instantly sooth chapped lips and relieve pain. To do this it contains Dexpanthenol, something which I have never actually heard of but its meant to give a cooling effect. I can imagine this would provide so much relief to chapped lips!

Have you tried any of these products?

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Make Winter Fashionable - Coats

I love winter as it is a time to dress up all cosy and layer up. However I hate covering up a well thought out outfit with a boring coat, surely I am not the only one? Here are just some of the amazing coats that can be found in stores and online right now:


One thing that I have noticed this year are the masses of boyfriend style coats that are present in stores/online. One of my favourites has to be this pastel blue one from MissGuided (11), it is the perfect transition piece as the shade of blue really can be worn in any season. If £39.99 is not a low enough price for you then have a look in Primark, they have plenty of coats like this one! Also of a similar style but slightly more fitted is this gorgeous burgundy one from New Look (9). The colour is enough to make you stand out anywhere!

Another trend that I have noticed is tartan and grid like patterns. One that stood out to me is from New Look (5) also at £39.99. This coat strays away from that of typical tartan colours such as reds or greens and includes navy and different shades of pink. This is why I would love to own it - it follows the trend but is unique. Another tartan design that I love is from Topshop (1), this is slightly more expensive at £89. The toggled coat features not only a checked design but also patches of plain grey. Most importantly it has a hood, which is highly important when living in Scotland!

Faux fur also has a major impact in fashion right now. This is goes from the hood on a classic khaki parka (4) to a statement collar on a leather jacket (6). Although I would stay as far away as possible from the rain with fur, these coats would be perfect for chilly days. How gorgeous is the black coat from MissGuided (10) that combines leather, fur and a longer jacket for just £64.99. That is definitely a great investment as it could be worn year after year!

Have you purchased your winter coat yet?

Monday 3 November 2014

Adidas Gazelles

Buy here

How gorgeous is the colour of these shoes? I have seen many people wearing Gazelles recently and I knew that I had to get a pair however at £65 they are quite pricey. I must say though, they are so worth it! It was so hard making a decision on what colour to get but the dark burgundy suede got me in the end. I particularly love the lime green bit on the back of the shoe too.  So far I have only actually worn these to work but they will go with so many casual outfits such as jeans and a cosy jumper. They are so comfy however the first time wearing them is painful as the tongue has hard plastic around the edge therefore causing nasty cuts. This can be avoided though if you use a nail file and soften the edges. Wish I knew this before I suffered the pain! I am still so glad I purchased these and can tell you now that they will probably be included in so many posts coming up!

Do you own a pair of Gazelles?

Saturday 1 November 2014

Revolution Iconic 2 - Such A Bargain

 Buy here 

When my flatmate Charlotte let me borrow her Revolution Iconic 2 palette, I knew straight away that I had to own one. Really there is no logic behind buying myself one when she said that I could use hers anytime but nevertheless I had to get one.  At £4 the palette is a bargain. First of all I think that all of the shades are perfect, I would actually use every one of them. I specifically love the taupey colour ones, for example 3rd and 4th in from the right. So many different eye looks could be made with these shades from a dark smokey eye to a light daytime one.

 The swatches were done with no primer underneath and you have to admit this palette is impressive for £4. Sorry about the lighting as it is not the best but I would even go as far to say that many of the shades are as pigmented as my Naked 3 palette. The shimmery shades are perfect as they shimmer but are not over the top so they could easily be worn during the day. A few matte shades are also in this palette and these are equally as impressive. Overall I highly recommend getting this, I might even look into getting more from the brand. At £4 you just cant go wrong!

Have you tried any Revolution products?