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Saturday 31 January 2015

Roll Neck and Cape

Jumper - Next
Cape - New Look
Treggings - TK Maxx
Boots - Schuh

This outfit is jam packed with items that I have bought in recent sales!  First up is this gorgeous green roll neck jumper, its so cosy and such great quality. It was only £15 down from £35 which is great as it will worn heaps through out winter, I have pretty much already worn the life out of it! My blanket cape also was only £15 down from £25 and I was pretty much persuaded into buying this by my mum. I had always strayed away from them because of my height however it could not be passed up at such a low price, I just try bunch a lot of it to the front so its not so long in the back. Swear it is so hard buying clothes being this height! My treggings have been featured in outfits way too much, they are great though as they look like leggings but are so thick. Finally by boots were bought at £29.99 down from £55, which was a steal because I had been wanting to buy them before they went in the sale. They definitely are not the usual style I would go for but I can not help loving the chunkiness and laces! These are never off my feet now.

Have you gotten any good sale finds recently?

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I have never been a big fan of fringe but it has to be said that this bag is so unique and utterly gorgeous. Although the bag makes a huge statement, the fact that it is black still means that it could be worn with many outfits. If I had £38 spare then I would be making my way to Topshop right now!

2. For ages now my bed has been lacking in cushions and a white furry one is what is needed. They just look so luxurious and cosy! However I find that they are always pretty expensive so are never on the top of my priorities list.

3. A huge amount of bloggers have been raving about this and for only £4.99, I cant believe that I have not picked one up yet. There is a massive 14 colours to choose from but on the top of my list is Berry Much (pictured), Keep it Classy or Minimalist.

4. Many websites current have black and white stripped shirts right now, something which is such a staple but I sadly do not own yet. This one is only £19.99 which I think is a steal! It would go with so much, I am imagining it with black jeans and a leather jacket or fur vest.

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 26 January 2015

Flat Out Fabulous

I bought this lipstick back in Summer when I was browsing Mac trying to decide how what to spend a voucher on. The shade is not one that I had heard of before but it has to be said - its beautiful! Maybe its just me but people do not rave about this enough. It has to be my favourite from my Mac collection, here is why:

Described as a 'bright plum' shade, Flat Out Fabulous is the perfect bright pink with purple tones. Pink has to be my favourite colour to wear on a special occasion or night out specifically in Summer however in Winter when I am not going for a dark lip this would totally work too! As it has a retro matte finish exfoliating and applying lip balm before application is an absolute must. However it does glide on smoothly unlike my other pink lipstick from Inglot which you have to literally drag onto your lips. I usually struggle to find a lipstick that lasts a long time on me for some reason, but this one wow. Its down to having such a matte texture that the lipstick stays put for hours. Even through eating and drinking.

As it is such a bold shade, I find using a lip brush the easiest way to apply to make your lip shape perfect. This is the usual for a bold lipstick for me though so I do not mind. Knowing that it will stay on for a long time makes the slightly longer application process worth it!

Have you tried this lipstick?

Saturday 24 January 2015

Bargain Fur Vest

Top - TK Maxx
Fur vest - Ebay
Skirt - Missguided
Boots - New Look

I am so excited to have finally been able to wear my new fur vest and let me tell you, this one was an absolute bargain! It only cost me £4.69 with £6.99 shipping so overall only £11.68 which is so good for such a great quality vest. I was worried that it would be bad quality but I was prepared to pay such a low price to see and definitely was not disappointed! The only downside is that it is transported from Hong Kong but it really only took around two weeks which is not that bad as the vest was so cheap. The company also sell white, khaki and grey vests, I am definitely considering getting another one. I paired it with this gorgeous paisley print top from TK Maxx and then my £5 skirt from Missguided. Yet another bargain! Finally I added my chunky New Look boots which I absolutely love. They have a small heel yet are so comfy. This is a go to outfit for me from now on. Though the top is quite thin which is not a great idea in this freezing weather but you know, we have to sometimes suffer from fashion... or I could easily replace it with a thicker jumper!

What is your go to style right now?

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

When I first started my blog, I published Wednesday Wishlists... well every Wednesday. I loved making them as they are fun, however they do make my wishlist grow and grow but my bank account fall! As I love looking at other peoples wishlists, mine will be making a regular occurrence on my blog once again!

1. Pictured is the Mac lip liner in the shade 'Stone' and its gorgeous! On the website it is described as a muted greyish-taupe brown, that does not sound too great though does it... I had actually never really been interested in this liner before but after googling it and seeing other peoples reviews, I have definitely been persuaded to buy it

2. This top states the story of my life. Like every other girl there are endless amounts of clothing in my wardrobe yet I always moan about having nothing to wear so this jumper suits me down to a tee. Even better its only £14.99

3. Now Joni jeans from Topshop have to be my ultimate favourite jeans, and with rips? even better! I have to admit as much as I love the ripped jeans trend, I am yet to buy some. These would be my first pick though although they are a bit pricey but you really can not put a price on good fitting jeans... I will keep trying to convince myself of that

4. Finally who does not want Macs lipstick in Velvet Teddy? I really do! Its the perfect beige nude, something which I do not have anything similar to in my collection. However with this colour being a massive trend right now I bet it will be so hard to get hold of. This paired with the Soar lip liner would be perfect. Kylie Jenner lip here I come!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 19 January 2015

3 Ways to Style a Fur Vest

Currently I am obsessed with fur vests! I just think that they make outfits look so good. I recently purchased one for when I go to London Fashion Weekend at the end of November with my uni at the end of February so look out for an outfit post then. Here are 3 ways that I would style these wonderful pieces, I just wish that I could own all of this!




Top Outfit: I found this grey vest and immediately fell in love with the colour. I paired it with a black polo neck crop top and a leather skirt as I love how the grey stands out against the black. I have actually noticed that many people style fur vests, no matter what colour, with all black outfits and I think that it looks great. As the weather is so cold right now, I would pair the outfit with Primarks super cosy black tights. Finally the look is finished off with black chunky boots with a panel of snake print on the back. I added these as snake print is one of my favorite patterns right now and also, the grey links in with the vest.

Middle Outfit: This one has to be my favourite and the one that I would most likely wear. I started with a black fur vest and added a tartan shirt. Blue and green has to be my favourite combination when it comes to tartan! I immediately looked for ripped jeans to go with this as I think they match perfectly. How gorgeous are these boots? honestly you can never go wrong with chunky boots! Finally the multi gold chain necklace is added to a little something extra to the outfit.

Bottom Outfit: I also think that this cream vest is gorgeous and it made me think of a paisley print dress that I have as it would go perfectly! I searched for another dress as the one I have has been featured on my blog before and came across this beauty. The hat that the model is wearing would also go perfect with this outfit! And the chain... well you know me and my chains. Finally I am loving the trend of knee high boots so I thought I should definitely include some.

Do you like fur vests?

Saturday 17 January 2015

Sensationail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit

For Christmas I was gifted this lovely Sensationail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit which I was so happy about because I had been lusting after it for ages. As it retails for £109.99, it was never in my price range so I am so so grateful that I received this. Boots were doing an offer on it at the time but because I did not buy it I'm not sure how much it was, keep a look out for more offers though!

The kit contains: PRO 3060 Led Lamp
                          : two colour polishes in shades Raspberry Wine and Pink Chiffon
                          : gel base and top coat
                          : gel primer
                          : gel cleanser
                          : two glitter puffers - gold and silver
                          : double sided nail buffer
                          : manicure stick
                          : removal tool
                          : 24 lint-free wipes

The instruction sheet that is contained inside explains how to use this set perfectly. The first step is to shape and buff your nails with the doubled sided nail buffer and then using the lint free wipes, clean your nails with the gel cleanser. Then apply a layer of the gel primer and leave to dry. Next is time to apply the base/top coat and put under the light for 30 seconds. Definitely be careful with this as if you let the polish touch your skin and put it under the light, it goes hard and has to be peeled off. If you have horrible dry skin around your nails like me then it is painful! The coloured polish then goes on and has to be set under the light for 60 seconds. I find the darker shade only needs two coats but the lighter shade needs 3 or 4, which is the usual for such a pale shade. Then the base/top coat is applied again and set for 30 seconds.

The led lamp is really good as each time you press the 'on' button it stays on for 60 seconds but beeps at 30 to let you know. I find that the times are a little short to dry your nails.. I usually set the top/base coat for 60 seconds and the colour for 2 minutes, which is still a lot quicker than normal nail varnish! Your nails are also left with a wet coating on top so I was confused as to mine was not drying but after reading the instructions, I found that this was normal and you just have to use the lint free wipes and cleanser to wipe your nails again. I need to read instructions more!

The kit claims to give 'up to 2 weeks of dazzling, damage-proof colour' however I must admit that I have never had it on for 2 weeks. I am one who changes my nail polish as soon as it chips, anyone else? As you can see from the photos, on day 2 the polish was fine but on day 5 it was chipping slightly on the edge of my nail (you might not be able to see due to my rubbish iPhone camera). I think I kept it on a few more days after this but I just forgot to take more photos, eurgh! I would not say that after 2 weeks your nails will still be in perfect condition but I think that they would be better than an ordinary nail polish.  Usually when I work my nails get ruined but as you can see from the photos they were not that bad! One downside of the kit is that the gel soaks off in the bath, I came out and they were all peeling off!

There are some removal instructions in the box but I just peel them off like every other nail polish. I know its bad but so addicting!

Overall I do love this kit, even though I do not think that they would be chip free after 2 weeks. I get bored of one colour though so would never keep them on that long anyway! To buy a new colour polish would cost £15 which is pretty steep in my opinion so I will only be purchasing one once in a while. In my opinion they do stay on a lot longer than a normal polish though. However I have been using ordinary nail polishes with the gel base/top coat and it definitely works! I also love how 2 glitters are in this pack, giving you the option of an accent nail or even make them all glitter. I do recommend this kit although I do admit, it is expensive and I would have never have bought it for myself.

Have you ever tried anything from Sensationail?

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Missguided Sale... Ah!

How great is the Missguided sale right now? There is so much stuff that I want to buy... shame I am such a poor student. To cure my urge to buy stuff I have decided to do a wishlist instead, that almost makes sense!

1£14.99 now £9.99
  2£22.00 now £17.99
  3. £29.99 now $14.99

4. £19.99 now £10.00
5. £24.99 now £19.99
6. £20.00 now £9.99  

7. £24.99 now £19.99
8. £34.99 now £22.99
9. £14.99 now £11.99

11. £19.99 now £10.00
12. £24.99 now £14.99
13. £20.00 now £5.00  

The deal that tempted me most is the black a-line leather skirt (13), at just £5 I had to order it! Another skirt that I love is the one that looks a bit like snake skin (11). I am obsessed with this pattern at the moment! The black dress (12) is perfect as it could be worn so many times and dressed up in different ways, for example adding a statement necklace. Oh and these khaki shorts (6), I am in love with the feminine lace! I love both bra-lets that I included equally (1&9) however sadly I just cannot see them looking good on me. Same goes for the gorgeous tartan playsuit (7). I have always wanted a pair of monochrome trousers (2) and I think £17.99 is such a great deal! The blazer (5) also would be great as it seems so versatile - could definitely be worn during the day or at night. Another staple piece is the jumpsuit (3), I have never actually owned one but this would be perfect to begin with. This scalloped edged dress (8) is such a beauty, definitely unique. Finally if you read my blog often you will know that I am a lover of chains and mix that with a staple black skirt (4)? Perfect!

Have you checked out the sale?

Monday 12 January 2015

Oversized and Roshes

 Today was one of those where I just shoved on this outfit to be comfy and ended up loving it. It may be because I love the dusty pink colour of my jumper or that my Nike Roshe Runs make any outfit look great!

Jumper - TK Maxx
Treggings - TK Maxx
Scarf - Primark
Shoes - Schuh

I got these shoes a few months back from my work and they are so comfy! I love the sole because for some reason, I might just be crazy, I feel like the thicker sole on the heel makes my legs look that little bit better. The kids section for these shoes went up to a 5 so I got them for £40! They match any outfit therefore I am so glad that these were purchased. I was given my jumper for Christmas, how gorgeous is the colour? Its over sized so it is super cosy. My treggings were also from TK Maxx. This is actually a shop that I never look in but since my sister began working there I am quite often gifted with lovely clothing, I really should start browsing whenever close to a store. Finally my snood is from Primark and cost somewhere around £3 which is a bargain. Again such a versatile piece!

Here are the shoes in action out and about with my niece!

Do you ever throw on an outfit and love it?

Saturday 10 January 2015

Naked Basics 2 Look

I mentioned in my Naked Basics 2 palette review that I wanted to post about a look that was created.. however I struggled with choosing one suitable for day time or night! I decided on a day time look as I feel thats what most people buy neutral palettes for, also it could easily be made darker by adding more of the dark shade! Here is the look that I am loving to wear:

 First of all I used Frisk all over my lid (1). Then I added Primal into the crease and for more depth put Cover on top (2). To make the look a little darker, I added the tiniest amount of Undone to the outer corner. I love this colour because its dark but not black therefore it blends so easily. Finally I added my winged liner using my Collection 2000 felt tip liner and my Urban Decay Perversion mascara! I probably should not do this post because it is so simple but at least it shows how pigmented and blendable the shadows are! For the products I used on my face, check out this post.

Have you tried this palette?

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Ebay Phone Cases

Recently I have developed a new addiction.. buying phone cases from Ebay. I am constantly looking for a new one! My tactic is to get a cheap one that is from places like China or Hong Kong as although the delivery can take a couple of weeks, they are always such great prices. Oh and the delivery is normally free. I usually type something in like 'floral iphone 6 case' or just 'iphone 6 case' and scroll through the options. Here are the ones I have so far:

I think the one on the left is my favourite! and it was just found by chance as I ordered a 6 plus case from a seller (by accident) and this came up as a suggestion. Here is the seller and link that I ordered from, they do so many other lovely designs too! It took around 2 weeks to arrive but at just 99p with free delivery, I will definitely have to get more. The middle one is gorgeous too, it also comes in many different colours. This one is actually from the UK but delivery was free and the case was only £1.85.. so good! Here is the link. Finally, on the right hand side is my newest addition. I have always wanted a blingy case but have always been way too expensive. This one however was only £2.45 with free delivery! It only took just over a week to arrive, such a bargain. Link is Here. I am going to end up with so many cases at this rate!

Do you ever order phone cases from ebay?

Monday 5 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

After I fell in love with my Naked 3 palette, I just knew that I had to get my hands on another one by Urban Decay. The Naked 2 palette is one I have wanted for ages but its not really in my price range right now.. but when I saw the Naked Basics 2 palette on the Debenhams website in the black friday sale for around £19 it was purchased immediately! It was not much of a discount though because normally it retails for £22 which personally I think is great. Even more of a boost is that my mum gave me the money and put the palette in with my Christmas present, thanks mum!

As you can see, the palette delivers the usual highly pigmented eyeshadows that Urban Decay always delivers. I think it is the taupey tones in the shadows that appealed to me, I really love the way that they look. All of the shades are matte also which is nice. The colours are perfect for an every day eye or even a night time look due to the darker colours. My favourites have to be Frisk which is perfect for all over the lid and primal for the crease. The darkest colour 'Undone' is good as it is a really dark brown, therefore it is not too harsh like a black may be. I think that soon I will do a post with a look using this palette, they are always fun to do! Do not think there is much more to say about this, just that it is great and so worth the money!

Have you tried any of the Urban Decay palettes?

Saturday 3 January 2015

Favourite Photos of 2014

Where are the days going? I seriously can not keep up! Uni reports and work are seriously taking over my life right now and just have not had time to take photos for the blog posts that I have lined up... or when there is time its too dark to take photos. So a round up of my favourite photos of 2014 is in order however there was so many to choose from so here are just a few!

I almost made this post all photos of my niece and nephew, Mollie and Vince, who are both 3. There are so many cute ones! They are cousins and just utterly love each other which actually melts my heart. My ultimate favourite of them has to be one taken on Christmas Eve (second row on right), my sister put it on instagram and captioned it 'Santa, I know him!' which I find hilarious. Mollie is also included in a photo with my eldest niece Sophie (second row on left), arent they just gorgeous? Sophie is growing up too fast (top row, second from left). Vince is also included in another photo with my other equally as cute nephew Sandy who looks so excited on the plane (second row, second from right).  Another recent favourite of mine is my youngest niece Sofia with the Elsa wig on...ahh so adorable! I also included her in a picture with a Mike teddy, which one is Sofia? who knows. I always cherish photos of my family and the one of our Christmas dinner is definitely one of my faves (third row on right). Last family photo is me and my sisters which I love (last row, second from right).

While looking through facebook I realised that my boyfriend and I hardly have any photos together this year but still, I love this one of us in Brighton (last row on left). It has to be my favourite place and desperately want to visit with him again. I hardly get to see my best friends from school as Sarah is studying in Glasgow and Elle is currently in Australia so I truly love this photo of us (third row on left). In summer I was stuck in Aberdeen without Joseph or my uni friends however me and Ria became so close (second row, second from left). Finally I had to include the photo of me, Charlotte and out boyfriends cramped inside the tiny lift in Brighton, so funny!

Hope you had a good new year!