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Saturday 28 December 2013

I am on Bloglovin!

Hey guys I am on Bloglovin where you can also follow me!

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New year resolutions

I normally don't do new year resolutions but this year I feel like there are so many things that I need to change. Here is what I have decided on:

1. Start exercising- Recently I have been so unhappy with my body but I haven't actually done anything to improve it. I think I will start off with the squat and abs challenge and work it up from there (which I have tried numerous times before) I'm so lazy though! wish me luck!

2. Learn different things to cook- I am so bad for cooking the same meal all of the time, the worst thing about it is that all of the things I make consist of pasta which does not help with losing weight. I have numerous cook books that I actually need to open and read.

3. Find a job- right now I am so poor! As soon as I go back to uni I need to hand out C Vs once again in the hope of getting a new job..finally.

4. Keep on improving my blog- In 2014 I hope to continue my blog and also post a lot more!

Also I thought I'd mention the bargain dress that I ordered for New Years eve. Its from Missguided and can be bought here. Ill probably return it because I'm not confident enough with my body to wear it but it was only £19.99!

I hope you all have a good New Year!

Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas day outift!

I hope you all had a good Christmas! I wanted to do a post about my outfit because I am in LOVE with my new cardigan that I wore. Sorry about the lack of shoes though, there was no room in the house to take photos because of all the family that was round. I went straight back inside and put on my new Christmas socks though!

Firstly the cardigan that I wore is my new favourite thing to wear. I recently got it from H&M for £35 which is a bit pricey for me but its just so beautiful that I couldn't pass it up! I have an obsession with fluffy clothing recently. Its so cosy as well!

Underneath I just wore a plain black crop tee from Primark tucked into my black River Island skirt that has been mentioned numerous times on my blog. 

The necklace consists of multiple chains and is from Primark. I honestly wear it all of the time.

For I would have worn black ankle boots if I was going out but since it was Christmas I just sat on my bum all day stuffing my face with food ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday 21 December 2013

Christmas/New Year heels wishlist

Everyone loves new heels for the festive period right? I would love some new ones, if only I had money. Perks of being a student I suppose ha ha. Here are a few on my current wish list:

1. Hammie gold cross over heel, Miss Selfridge- £44.10
2. Emmet chunky platform cut out peep toe shoe boots, Daisy Street- £39.99
3. Black and beige double ankle strap platform heels, New Look- £27.99
4. Love black satin strappy heels, Topshop- £65
5. Yubi velvet strappy platform heels, Missguided- £34.99
6. Pink peep toe platform sandals, River Island- £55.00

Have you chosen out your Christmas/New Year heels?

Wednesday 18 December 2013

What I Wore: night out #3

So I was out once again last weekend.. all my money is vanishing. I really struggled to find something to wear as the dress I got from the Clothes Show is way too long, I'm gutted. I just looked into my wardrobe and chose clothes that I have had for ages which I really need to start doing more! Here is the outfit:

I cant even remember when I bought this pink lace crop top! I think I mainly picked it up because it was so cheap as is from Primark. However I have never really found an outfit for it until now. The skirt has been featured in a blog post before and is from River Island. I love how it looks like leather because it is so shiny!

The necklace I got recently from New Look and it was around £8 I think. I love it because it definitely makes a plain outfit so much better! The bracelet is also from New Look however I got it in summer. Its really pretty and consists of lots of different chains.

My trusty shoes which I wear all the time were featured in my last 'What I wore' post and are from Boohoo. I love them!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday 14 December 2013

Clothes Show Live haul

I went to the Clothes Show on Tuesday with my uni class and it was so amazing! Fair to say I ran out of money pretty quickly.. but there was so much clothes and make up! The only downside was that there was so many offers on nail varnish but I had to get a plane back and had to stick to the liquid allowance, boo. Anyway here's the few things that I bought:

This dress (left) is so beautiful! It was such an impulse purchase, as soon as I saw it I wanted it. I just love the contrast of the red and white, also it has 3/4 length sleeves which I love because I need to cover up my awful arms ha ha! It only cost me £10 aswell. The top on the left was only £10 too and I love it because its so fluffy, however I cant decide if it is too fluffy to wear outside of my house..

This necklace was a bargain at £3. I thought I'd pick it up as its easy to wear and also you can never have too many necklaces!

The Barry M stand didn't actually have massive deals, just the usual 2 for £5. I love these two colours! The left one is called Berry Cosmo and the right is Navy. Definitely colours that I will wear all the time.

 Finally I got the diego dalla palma Snow White and the Huntsman palette. I think I will review this soon! The main reason I got this is because the colours are so natural that I use this for pretty much any occasion and it was only £6.

Hope you enjoyed! Did you go to the clothes show?

Wednesday 11 December 2013

What I Wore: night out #2

So..I went out last weekend once again. It is actually getting bad how much I go out, so expensive! Sorry I didn't actually get a photo of me actually wearing the dress but I do have an photo of everything I wore, here it goes:

The tartan dress is one I got recently and I am in love! It is from Daisy Street and all though I cant actually find this dress anymore on the website there are many more like it in different colours.

The shoes I wore are from Boohoo and I got them ages ago hence how beat up they are. I was so surprised that they still have them on the website, linked here. Only £25 aswell! so worth it

The necklace is just a silver chain that I got from Primark for around £2. I also had my pandora and shambella bracelets on too.

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday 7 December 2013

Sparkly christmas dresses

I am definitely a lover of sparkly Christmas party or night out dresses! This year my chosen dress is seen in the previous post and is from New Look. There are also many others I love, here are some!

1. Alexa sequin v back bodycon dress, Boohoo- £30.00
2. Hatsumia sequin swirl shift dress, Missguided- £44.99
3. Rika sequin halterneck skater dress, Missguided- £44.99
4. Motel opal sequin skater dress, Motel Rocks- £58.00
5. Chi chi felisa dress, Chi Chi- £103.99
6. Jacey glitter texture smock dress, Daisy Street- £19.99

Do you have a Christmas dress yet?

Tuesday 3 December 2013

What I Wore: night out #1

I have decided to start a new series of outfits that I wear on nights out as being a student I go out a lot (too much) and constantly have to dress up! I'm one of these people who has to have a new outfit idea every time I go out, it can get annoying and expensive. Recently I've decided I need to start wearing my outfits more than once so the outfit featured in this post was worn last weekend and to a party next month, I'm trying to be good..

I got this dress from New Look last Thursday for only £19.99! Its a lovely navy colour with gold threading throughout it. I especially love the sleeves!

The necklace was also from New Look and was around £8 if I remember correctly. I love this because it can definitely be worn with lots of other outfits!

I also got a lipstick that day from MAC in up the amp. Ah its my new favourite! I don't even have to feel guilty about spending the money because it was an early Christmas present from my boyfriend, bonus!

The shoes I wore are ancient and are from New Look, not the comfiest I must admit.

Here is me at the end of the night looking a little bit worse for wear ha ha! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, I will definitely be blogging more often from now on!