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Monday 30 November 2015

Christmas Home Decor

Its finally that time guys. Decorations are due to come out, that's if they haven't already fallen out of your loft (mine have). Is it just me or does it seem like Christmas is starting so early this year? I started to feel festive in October! Anyway here are some lovely decorations that would be a great feature this festive season:

Monochrome Christmas

Traditional Red and Gold

I am always faced with the dilemma of which colour scheme to stick with for my decorations, every year this seems to change. My 2 favourite themes this year are monochrome and the traditional shades. Monochrome to me is just so modern and fresh however you cannot beat a bit of the traditional colours which bring in floods of childhood memories. Maybe a mix will do?

What colour scheme are your decorations this year?

Friday 27 November 2015

Achieving the Perfect Berry Lip

 This year I have definitely cracked the perfect berry lip and it is all thanks to these two products. I first purchased Maybelline's Color Drama lipstick in Berry Much a few weeks ago as I desperately needed a darker colour for this season. However I then lacked a perfect liner to match. After much deliberation and research, I discovered NYX's Slim Lip Pencil in the shade Burgundy on amazon and instantly knew it would look lovely paired with the lipstick. Both of these products are under £10 which is absolutely amazing. Here is how I achieve the perfect berry lip:

First it is very, very important to exfoliate your lips when applying such a bold shade. I use Lush's Santas Lip Scrub which works perfectly and removes all of the nasty bits that are present on my currently very dry lips. I then applied a lip balm, this was just a cheap one that is in the scent 'Double Dip'. I love it as it brings back so many memories, I ate so many of that sweets when I was little. Probably not the best balm to use but it smells amazing!

Next I applied a thin layer of foundation to my lips. This just creates an even base and really intensifies the colour. I then used my NYX liner to outline my lips and fill them in. This was actually the first time that I had used the product and I really loved it. It glides on so easily and is amazingly pigmented, I would actually use it by itself too and it is such a lovely shade.

Finally I added the lipstick which as you can see is almost the same shade as the liner. I have to say that I really recommend the Maybelline Color Dramas as they are so creamy and are easily to applying due to being more like a pencil. This particular colour also stays on a good amount of time without going patchy as it dries matte. Once I apply a darker lipstick I always like to go round my lips with a little bit of foundation just for more definition. In addition to this, I tend to get some of the excess product off either by pressing my lips against a tissue or the back of my hand. Another option is to take a thin layer of toilet roll, press on top of your lips and then apply a translucent powder on top of that. This not only takes away excess product but also helps your lipstick last a lot longer.

Are you a fan of berry lips?

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Monochrome Shirt and Fur

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Vest - eBay
Boots - New Look

Who doesn't love a bit of monochrome? Recently I have particularly been loving black and white shirts, so when I saw this beauty in New Look I knew that I just had to pick it up. It is so simple to style - just throw on a pair of jeans and boots then you are set to go. I also added my fur vest as I really do not get enough wear out of it and I feel like I need to before the freezing cold weather comes. Well its pretty cold already to be honest! I promise that I really do not mean to make most of my items of clothing from New Look in my posts, the store just really has been on point recently! Especially with these boots as they are so comfy and look great with so many outfits.

Do you like New Look

Monday 23 November 2015

Festive Iphone Cases


I do not know about you but I love changing my phone case according to the season. Now is definitely the time to take advantage of Christmas and whip out my festive phone cases. My favourite out of the bunch has the be the one that features the pug (2), it is absolutely adorable! However at £23 it is a bit steep, especially when I am used to cases that are 99p from eBay. A second one that I love which is waay too expensive but nevertheless cute is this fair isle print one that can feature your name (6). I think it is just the grey colour scheme which I am drawn to. On the cheaper side is this very cute one which features a winter scene (8), I will definitely be ordering it as it is just 99p. I have always wanted to purchase a case from Skinny Dip however thought that they were too over priced, I did find this sparkly one (9) for £20 which isn't actually that bad as it could be used all season long. 

Do you put a festive case on your phone at this time of year?

Friday 20 November 2015

Real Techniques sponge vs Primark

I have been using my trusty Real Techniques sponge for a few months now and would never turn back. At £5.99 it is a decent price however when I saw that Primark had their own version priced at £1.50, I leaped at the chance to try it. It is always good to save a few pounds right? Here is what I think of it:

Although the Primark sponge looks just like the original beauty blender, I still prefer the shape of the Real Techniques version. This is just personal preference as I like the flat side as I feel like it applies my foundation much quicker. Nevertheless the pointed end of the Primark sponge is perfect and gets to my under eye area with ease.

As the Real Techniques sponge is firm, it still is really soft and is easy to squeeze. However the Primark version is a lot firmer and is not as squidgy. This is so hard to describe! Even when applying foundation I felt that it was a little hard and just did not feel as comfortable as my Real Techniques one. I would not stop using it for this factor, it is definitely something that I could adjust to. 

I know a lot of people like to use the Real Techniques sponge damp however I much prefer to apply my foundation with it dry. My face just felt way too shiny after using it wet, maybe I did not squeeze the water out enough. I feel like it does not absorb too much makeup and creates a flawless base. However the Primark sponge is much better used when it is damp, it is harder to squeeze out the water though as it is a very firm sponge. I did notice that it soaked up a lot of my foundation making me use a lot more which is a bit of a waste. The final result did look good, not as smooth as when I used my other sponge though.

Overall the Primark sponge is definitely worth its mere £1.50 price tag however I am going to stick to my Real Technique version, it just creates a much more flawless base and is easier to use due to not having to dampen it. At least I have my Primark one as a back up now!

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Makeup Wishlist

Makeup is something that I rarely seem to buy, except from the basics such as foundation and mascara. This means that my wishlist is massive! Here are just a few things that I am wishing for:

I have only heard great things about this contour kit! I love the idea of products like this yet stick to my trusting Bourjois bronzing powder which I have had for far too long... this purchase is definitely on the cards. For £5.99 it is definitely not going to break my bank

This palette has been on my list for a long time, it is just absolutely stunning. The shades look perfect for autumn/winter and I can only imagine what a gorgeous gold smokey eye it would make for Christmas. However at £38 this might just break my bank.. but I bet its worth it!

Another item which is too pricey for my student budget is this contour brush priced at £22. Its not actually too bad a price, I just have to find some spare money. It looks the perfect shape to create a precise contour. Lets not mention how gorgeous the handle is too!

Who does not love a burgundy polish during the colder seasons? I love Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polishes as I am so impatient and can never give my nails time to dry

Makeup Geek shadows are something which I desperately want to try. I have watched so many Youtubers use them and they just seem so creamy and pigmented. This one has a foiled finish which would be gorgeous around Christmas time.

What is on your wishlist?

Monday 16 November 2015

Knee High Boots

Top - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Coat - Primark
Boots - TK Maxx
Hat - eBay

I love a lovely stroll through the woods in Autumn, there is always such beautiful colours about. On this particular day I thought why not take some outfit photos? I teamed my polo necked long sleeved top with plain black jeans. There is just something about this combination with a berry lip that I absolutely love. This was my first time wearing knee high boots and I am just so unsure about them. Do not get me wrong, I love them on other people but with my short, chubby legs they just do not look all that great. I think that I should stick to my heeled boots in the future! These ones are stunning though, the front side features faux leather and the back suede. The hat also was a bit out of my comfort zone but it is so cute! But seriously tell me why I did not notice that I had a twig on my head in all of these photos?

Do you like knee high boots?

Friday 13 November 2015

Rose Gold Eyes and Berry Lips

I have always been one of those fanatics who live for gold eyes and berry lips in autumn/winter, it makes me feel so festive! This year I have decided to take a slightly different take on the classic look by adding a rose gold toned shadow. I am so annoyed because the photos really do not showcase just how gorgeous it is! Any way, here is my fotd:

Base products - see here
Shadows - Kiko Infinity in shades 402 and 243
Lipstick - Maybelline Color Drama in shade Berry Much

These 3 products are definitely going to be my go to's this season. They just look so beautiful together. This eye look really is as simple as it seems, first I applied the shadow in shade 402 all over my lid. It is absolutely stunning, I definitely need to try it wet soon to intensify it even more. Then I added the purple shade to my crease and blended. All of my base products are the ones that I use every single time I do my makeup therefore if you read my other posts you would have seen them a million times.. but I have linked above a previous post in which I share them all in case you are interested.

Finally I added my new favourite lip colour. I previously was obsessed with the Maybelline Color Drama in Nude Perfection and used it to death, I still own it but its seriously tiny. These products are just so amazing for the price of £4.99. More purchases are definitely on the horizon, I can tell you that!  A dark lip liner would go so well with this too, so that's another thing on my ever expanding wishlist.

Also I write my posts aligned to the left but it keeps changing to the centre... can anyone help? So frustrating!

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Winter Wishlist


I am definitely liking a certain colour scheme right now judging by this post... cant beat khaki, white and black! Winter has to be one of my favourite seasons to dress for with layering being key. This year so many lovely polo neck jumpers are on offer and New Look in particular has loads that I want including this khaki number (7).  Also from there is this gorgeous cream jumper with tie up detail (9), I actually seen a very similar one in Primark in grey too so I may just have to pick that up. Something which keeps catching my eye are these boots with fringe detail (6) I need them in my life! I have included a shirt dress as I am desperate for one as they are so in trend and seem so versatile. There are just too many stunning pieces on offer.

What is on your wishlist?

Monday 9 November 2015

My Current Go-to Palettes

Can you really have enough neutral palettes? I think that all of the ones that I own come under that category. However recently I have stuck to the same two, probably out of ease as both feature such wearable colours. My favourites contain shades that are perfect for Autumn/winter therefore I can definitely see myself sticking to them all through the season. Here they are:

This palette is great as it features many shimmery colours but also a few mattes, including a black with is essential to me as I set my eyeliner with it. I think that you can tell which shade is my favourite in this one... it is such a gorgeous shimmery brown. Everyday I use this colour over my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon shadow stick in Dark Pearl and it creates such a stunning yet wearable shade. The palette is perfect for the festive period due to lovely gold shades, just add a berry lip and you are ready! I still cannot get my head around the fact that these palettes are only £4, thats crazy! If you would like to see a few looks that I have created with this palette then check out these posts - FOTD - Autumn NeutralsCurrent go-to MakeupWinter Flicks and Berries.

I purchased this palette on a bit of a whim really. At the time, I already owned my Naked 3 palette and had no interest in the basics... until I saw it was featured on Cohorted for around £18. Since then I cannot stop using it! It has to be my only all matte palette and I love it. The taupe tone to all of the shadows is really what drew me in as all of the shades are just so gorgeous. I find myself reaching for this palette as they are so creamy and blend together beautifully. Here are a few looks that I have created - FOTD - Macs Up the Amp and Naked Basics 2Naked Basics 2 Look.

What is your current go to palette?

Friday 6 November 2015

Sometimes the Simplest, is the Comfiest

Jumper - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Boots - New Look

I know, this outfit may be a bit too boring for a post however I really really need to include it in one. It is now one of my go to items due to it being so stretchy and comfy. The bat wing sleeves and slouchyness makes it perfect for wearing on a day when I am not feeling my best. Not to mention that it features a cowl neck, which is always in trend at this time of year. Not only does it come in this burgundy shade, it is also stocked in grey which only means that I am definitely going back for one more! For only £17.99 it is so worth it.

Do you like shopping in New Look?

Wednesday 4 November 2015

What I Do When Feeling Down

Recently I have been having far too many down days, including today. I love reading posts about what people do to make themselves feel that bit better and also just happy posts in general. So why not share what I like to get up to when I am feeling down? Here goes:

Netflix and Food
Forget that 'Netflix and chill' phase, food is where its at. When I am feeling unhappy I like to throw on a film, todays choice was Anastasia, and pig out on unhealthy food - as pictured above my absolute favourite is Thai Sweet Chili Sensations and dip. Just do not watch a sad film, definite tears would happen... unless all you need is a good cry, then go for it!

See a Friend
Sometimes when I am down, I think that its best that I am alone. However that is not always the case as meeting a friend cheers me up heaps. Whether thats meeting up for a coffee or even just inviting them round to the flat and having a movie night, it really does help.

Treat Yourself
There is nothing better when feeling down than treating yourself to some online shopping. It does not have to be lots, for example it could just be a new lipstick or jumper that you have had your eye on for a while. Sadly today all I could afford was new work jeans but that 3 for 2 offer on at boots is very tempting...

Grab a Cup of Tea
There is nothing a nice cup of tea can't solve is there? Even add as many sugars as you like and do not feel guilty.

This is a weird one for me to say as most people know that me and exercise do not get along however recently I have been finding when I feel sad or even stuffy with the cold, a fitness DVD really helps. The one of choice right now is Charlotte Crosby's, who does not want to look like her?

Go Home
This is my ultimate answer to feeling better, its just a shame I have to jump on the train to get there. Honestly there is nothing better than just seeing my family and chilling in my family home. It almost seems like my responsibilities disappear for the few days that I am there.

What do you like to do when feeling down? 

Monday 2 November 2015

Autumn Capes and Ponchos


One trend that I fell in love with last year was capes, I even got myself one however its way too long for me. As usual the trend has reappeared this autumn and I am loving it! There seems to be a lot more options that last year, specifically in the poncho department. A few years ago I thought that I would never been seen in one and thought that they should have stayed in my childhood... however now the options are just so lovely and could make any outfit look chic. One is definitely on my wishlist!

What do you think of capes/ponchos?