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Saturday 30 August 2014

My Day Time 'Naked 3' Eye

1. After priming my lid with the NYX jumbo pencil in milk (I love it!), I apply Strange all over my lid to create a natural base.

2. Then Nooner is added in my crease to define it, I do this for the outer 3 quarters of my eye.

3. I then put Mugshot in my outer V and also add some to the outer part of my eyelid.

4. Finally mascara and a thin line of eyeliner is added and its done! Simple I know but I thought I'd share my combination!

As you can see its very natural even though the dark brown is used. I highly recommend this palette!

Whats your everyday eye combination?

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I have been looking for a crop top with mesh sleeves for a while but most have mesh around the neckline and shoulders too meaning a strapless bra has to be worn - Am I the only one who hates strapless bras? When I came across this top on the River Island website I was so happy, however it is £25 and I dont know if I can justify that on a tiny crop top. What do you think?

2. Newlook are on point right now with all of their new tartan items, especially with this dress. I want it so badly as it could be worn day and night also its perfect for next season!

3. These shoes are not something that I would normally go for but I just love the block heel combined with the cross over straps. I think that they look so feminine and would go with so many outfits! However femininity comes at a cost as these are £60, hopefully I can find a cheaper version.

4. I actually have this skirt in light blue and its the best fitted skirt that I have. The colour of this will be perfect for next season also day and night. It would go perfect with the black crop top (1)!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 25 August 2014

Small Yankee Haul

The other day I popped into the Yankee Candle store to buy my granny a birthday present and ah I must say I love it in there, its like heaven! Having been living in student accommodation since last September I have really missed lighting candles, I'll definitely take advantage of the store when I get a new flat! Anyway here is what was bought for my lovely granny:

This melt warmer was only around the £10 mark which I was so surprised about as it looks so much more expensive! I just think the pieces of coloured glass are so beautiful, especially when the light hits it. Tea lights are actually meant to be used inside the warmer however I did not buy any of these as I know that my granny will already own heaps! The trickiest part of this present was picking the scents of the tartes. I picked up my two favourites - Pink Sands and Garden Sweet Pea. Also Mandarin Cranberry as it seemed like a scent my granny would like. I am the worst person at describing scents but these are all very fruity and I highly recommend them all. Seriously pop into a Yankee Store, there are so many good deals at the moment!

Whats your favourite Yankee scent?

Saturday 23 August 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner - the sleek restorer

I purchased this conditioner in Boots as it was only £2.79 and my hair was in desperate need of a deep moisterising conditioner. The Garnier Sleek Restorer states the 'Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter infuses dry hair, leaving it beautifully nourished and silky to the touch' I can definitely say that my hair feels so nourished after I use this, maybe a bit too nourished though. Normally I wash my hair every second day but when I use this conditioner it has to be everyday. My roots even look greasy after I first wash it. However I am still going to continue to use this conditioner but just keep it on my ends. It also smells so great, just like chocolate! I would recommend it to peoples whos hair needs some TLC and is really dry, if you don't have this kind of hair then I definitely think this conditioner is not for you!

Have you tried the Garnier Sleek Restorer?

Monday 18 August 2014

New Purchase: Head Over Heels by Dune Slip ons

My lovely boss just bought me these shoes as a leaving work present and I must say that I am in love! I actually mentioned that I wanted shoes like these in my previous wishlist. As you can tell by the photo I have worn them heaps already and will continue to match all my outfits to them just because I love them so much. They are so easy to wear and go with almost anything, not to mention how comfy the soles were when I first put them on, it actually felt like I was walking on clouds! Sadly that amazing feeling has now worn off but nevertheless they are still so comfortable. Expect to see them in many outfit posts!

Do you own any shoes by this brand?

Saturday 16 August 2014

Pastel Blue Leather

Top - H&M
        Skirt - River Island
     Shoes - New Look
 Necklace - H&M

When I was in London I bought this lovely light blue faux leather skirt and I am in love. I wouldn't normally go for such a tight fitting skirt but I find this is actually quite flattering and hides my tummy. I decided I wanted to wear my black heels with it so I also needed a darker top. This slogan tee is somehow hiding from me on the webpage but I think it was around £7.99 which is so good as it can also be worn casually. Finally whats an outfit from me without a chain?

Dont you think River Island has so many nice items right now?

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I have seen so many people wearing this style of shoe lately and I want to jump on the band wagon. So many brands now stock almost identical ones, this includes Kurt Gieger, Dune, Primark and New Look. They would look so lovely just chucked on with jeans and a tee on a casual day.

2. Tropical prints still have a very special place in my heart, even with summer ending soon. This playsuit is gorgeous and is only £19.99. However I do find that playsuits don't suit my body type, they just never are flattering on my legs!

3. I noticed these shoes in New Look and fell in love instantly. The only reason I haven't bought them yet is because I have no idea when I'd wear them. They aren't high enough to wear on a night out but they may be too high for me during the day - dilemma! 

4. How gorgeous is this light shade?! I am 100% getting it when I eventually find a new flat (I only have around a month left). Next always have such lovely lighting so I knew Id find one on there, even better this particular shade is only £20!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 11 August 2014

Empties #3

1. This is the Herbal Essences Bee Strong strengthening shampoo which I got when everyone was raving about it. I have literally just finished this but the conditioner was done around a month ago, tell me I am not the only person who does this? Anyway I loved using it and I did see a difference in my hair, I definitely recommend this shampoo.

2. I actually bought these little travel sizes of the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner for going to London but I got one final use out of them at home. It makes your hair feel so lovely and soft, especially if you leave it in for around half an hour. I used to use this every second day instead of a normal conditioner and it helped my hair get into better condition therefore I still love this product.

3. This Revlon Colorstay foundation is my absolute favourite, I cant remember the last time I purchased a different one. The shade that I get is really pale (ivory) and suits my skin tone perfectly, something which I find hard when looking for a foundation. Something else which I love about this product is that you can buy it for dry or combination/oily skin therefore you can actually choose the correct one for you.

4. I am so sad that my MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow is finished, I definitely need to repurchase it soon. It makes a great crease colour and also is not too dark for going all over the lid. It is my go to eyeshadow.

5. The Argan Oil Heat Defense spray is actually really good and it is sold at such a cheap price (I cant remember exactly what). I love how it not only nourishes my hair but also protects it against heat. On days that I don't apply heat to my hair, I actually still use this product.

Have you tried any of these products?

Saturday 9 August 2014

New Purchases - MAC

My boyfriends lovely mother gave me a MAC voucher for my birthday and I was so excited to spend it! Here is what I got:

 First is the Pro Longwear Concealer and the shade I got is NW15. I was actually confused on whether to get the NW or NC but when I asked the lady who worked there her reply was just 'yeah you are definitely N15' and she picked up the warmer tone so I just went with it!The concealer is not absolutely amazing but I still think its really good at covering my under eye circles and blemishes. The only downside is that the pump puts out way too much product! I don't think that I will repurchase it (the collection one is way cheaper and works the same) but I am glad that I have tried it.

I finally got the Phloof! eyeshadow which I featured in my wishlist months ago. Its such a pretty shade that can be worn during the day for a natural look or even for going out at night. I love how reflective it is and I always find light colours like this bring out my green eyes.

The lipstick I got is Flat Out Fabulous and the finish is retro matte. Its the prettiest bright pink with a hint of purple, its actually been described as a bright plum colour. I had never actually heard of it before but when I went into the store it caught my eye and I had to have it! One thing I would say is definitely moisturise your lips before as it is a matte lipstick and can cling to dry areas.

Whats your favourite product from MAC?

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. How gorgeous are the colours in this shirt? I am so tempted to buy it to wear with a white crop top and either high waisted jeans or shorts. It would be even more perfect for Autumn just to chuck on with jeans and a tshirt. 

2. As you can tell from these boots and the last shirt - I am starting to get into Autumn fashion. I wanted a pair of boots like these last winter but never got them so this year its my goal to get some. I actually saw a version of these in Primark but sadly they did not have my size.

3. Okay back to summer, I love these sandals! Lots of people in London were wearing similar ones and it just made my want grow. However as summer is ending soon I cant bring myself to buy them.

4. Ah I want this purse so badly. New Look also have this design in a clutch which I wouldn't mind owning either. At just £7.99 this purse is such a great deal! now just the decision of colour.. black or pink?

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 4 August 2014

19th Birthday Outfit in London

As I mentioned before I went to London for my birthday (it was the 30th of July). Sadly I arrived back home this morning and I am having to face reality - that I don't live in London and get to shop everyday! Anyway during the day we got our nails, hair and makeup done, so fun! However my makeup was a complete fail so I redone it myself. At night we went to the ice bar and then walked about taking in the London night life. I'm sorry for the quality of the photos, our hotel room did have a window (such bad lighting) and also we were in a rush. Heres the outfit:

      Kimono     - AX Paris
      Top           - Topshop
         Skirt          - New Look
Shoes        - Ebay
           Necklace   - Accessorize

This kimono is my new favourite addition to my wardrobe as it is so versatile. Better yet it was only £20, I got it recently so I am sure it is still available! My top was only £12 from Topshop and I love the subtle v neck as I just think it looks so feminine. The skirt was actually lent to me by my lovely friend but I have noticed that H&M have similar ones in right now, I am so tempted to get one.. My gold chain necklace was apparent as usual! Finally my chunky heels (which I have hauled before) were from Ebay and I love them! The heels aren't the highest so they are so comfy.

Do you like kimonos?