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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I'm cheat a bit with this dress, I actually have already ordered it ha ha! I was looking for something nice and pastel for going out this weekend but typical me chose this tartan dress, Ill probably have to belt it because shift dresses are always waaay too long on me but I still cant wait to receive it!

2. I have heard so much about this primer yet I still have not bought it. My pores are absolutely awful so I am in dire need of this. Have you tried it?

3. These shoes sit right on front of me at work and I am in love! The photo really does not do them just as they are so much lovelier and brighter in person. They also have them in pink and lime (totally love them too). However they are £45!

4. Isnt this so cute? I almost bought it instead of the Missguided shift dress but I was scared that I could not pull it off.. Im still tempted to buy it though!

Monday 28 April 2014

New Purchase: Marta Jonsson Flats

I recently starting working at Marta Jonsson in my local Debenhams and I love it so far! They definitely stock shoes for everyone. At first the shoes do seem expensive however they are of amazing quality due to them being real leather and having a soft in step, so comfy! Here is my first purchase:

I wouldn't normally go for animal print but I just think these are so lovely. I love how the canvas makes them look a lot more summery! These cost me £89, I know sounds like a lot but for how long they will last me its pretty good. I cant seem to find these on the Marta Jonsson website but they do have the same style in plain black and pink and at only £39! If you do purchase these I do recommend that you go a size down, I have very broad feet and still had to go down a size..

Have you ever purchased from Marta Jonnson?

Saturday 26 April 2014

I Love: the floral trend


I absolutely love the florals that are coming into stores right now! I think its just because they remind me that it is nearly summer. Above are a few items I have chosen from various websites that I really really would love to own. I think my favourite is the daisy print shorts from Motel, aren't they lovely? Only downside is that they are £35, if I had that spare I would totally buy them. Another one of my favourites is the play suit from Missguided, the colours are beautiful. I just wish I had the figure to pull it off, should have started working on a summer body a long time a go ha ha! Finally the shirt dress from Pretty Little Thing is adorable! I can just imagine belting it and wearing it in summer with wedges, would look so lovely! 

Do you like florals?

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I walked past this bag in the pale pink shade every time I am at work, each time falling a little more in love with it. When I looked on the Debenhams website I found it in pale yellow, so unique and pretty! The only thing putting me off buying this bag is the fact that it could only be worn for 2 seasons of the year, still its so tempting!

2. The contrast of the pastel blue and black makes me love this dress even more! Its only £20 too.. is it worth going into my overdraft for? ha ha! Pretty Little Thing has to be my new favourite website

3. Pale blue and pale pink.. how could this top get better? I really want this to go with shorts and a bandeaux for summer, dont think I could quite pull it off though!

4. I love the concept of this concealer as it contains an under eye brightening concealer, complexion concealer and setting powder... all for £10! I dont actually own a concealer right now as I havent got round to purchasing one in like 8 months (so bad!). Have any of you's tried this?

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 21 April 2014

Review: Olay Essentials Cleansing Milk (normal/dry/combination)

I recently bought this cleansing milk from my local Savers as it was so cheap (typical me cant remember the actual price) However it can be bought from Boots for only £2.99! I have to admit the bottle is not the most attractive, I was just attracted by the price. Cleansing milks work best on my dry skin and this one was not a disappointment!

This cleanser is perfect for everyday use as it is very mild and not too harsh on this skin. The only word I can use to describe the smell is clean, it is definitely not unpleasant. I cant think of anything worse than rubbing a horrible smelling cleanser all over your face! The consistency is great as you only need a small amount and it spreads easily across your face, also its so easy to wash off! I must add that my skin feels so soft after using this and the dry patches are definitely less dry however they don't completely clear up.

My only complaint with this product is that it does not completely take all of my makeup off, especially my eyebrows from some strange reason. I simply just go over my face twice! However when  I am low on money I will definitely buy this again, I have yet to find something to beat Soap and Glorys Peaches and Clean yet though!

Have you tried this cleanser?

Saturday 19 April 2014

Urban Outfitters Home-ware


I've always been a fan of Urban Outfitters, specifically for their home-ware. In September I am moving in with my friend into a flat for our 2nd year of uni (cant believe 1st year is nearly done!) so I've been looking into things I can decorate my bedroom with as some flats here in Aberdeen can be so drab! Above is just a few of my favourite things from their webpage. I find that Urban Outfitters can either be really expensive or decently priced, for example the rug pictured (2) is so beautiful and is only £15! I also love the blue frame (5) which is only £14, I think its so unique looking and is the perfect accessory! The grey table (6) is also lovely and would look great in a bedroom, however its £45 which may not be a lot for some people but I definitely don't have that money spare, still I can admire. I can definitely see myself purchasing lots from their website in the next couple of months!

Do you like Urban Outfitters home-ware?

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. How can a denim dress go wrong? I really like this one from H&M and its only £15! I think this is such a good deal as you can wear it in summer or winter (with tights). Also it can be dressed down for during the day and also can be dressed up with heels at night, so versatile!

2. I was originally looking for the traditional daisy earrings but then I stumbled across these pink ones from Topshop. Such a unique twist and a little different than the average daisy, perfect for spring/summer!

3. My phone case right now is so dated so I have been thinking lately that I need to update it for spring. This phone case is from Ebay and is bea-u-tiful! Only £5 as well, means I can buy myself more on top of this one ha ha!

4. I recently started working at Marta Jonsson at my local Debenhams and fell in love with this boot immediately! The picture does not do it justice at all. I know its getting into spring/summer so boots aren't needed but I would happily invest in this boot for later this year. I know £95 is a little bit steep but they are such good quality so the price really is justified!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 14 April 2014

A Look Back: Prom

For many people prom is coming up so I though why not do a post on what I wore? My prom was last May so I know my dress can no longer be bought but hopefully this post can help people with their makeup, hair and style of dress!

Ignore the horrible eyebrows, this is before I grew them out ha ha! I done my makeup myself on the day, expect from my eyelashes which were semi permanent and were meant to last two weeks (try two days!). For my eye makeup I used my Sleek Storm Palette and created a neutral smokey eye. I also tried to create very glowy skin on top of my fake tan so I used High Beam highlighter from Benefit. I also used lots of bronzer to contour! I didn't have my lipstick on in this photo but I wore Darling by Gosh.

I went to a local hairdressers to get my hair done and all I told them was that I wanted something to the side. I added in some extensions also as my hair at the time was very short and thin. I think she did a good job, it was very unique!

When looking for a dress I knew I wanting something neutral with lace on the top. As I couldn't find this I came to a compromise with pink/red as I loved the lace on this dress so much. It was from Oasis, which is a great place to shop for dresses! I've also seen loads of nice ones on Missguided recently. My necklace was something like £2 from Ebay and was just a thin gold collar one. For my shoes I went with nude heels that I already owned (I totally spent my prom shoes money on other shoes) I match this with a nude over sized clutch from New Look. My boyfriend wore a tie to match my dress colour, this was difficult as it was hard to tell if my dress was pink or red!

Is your prom coming up? If not what did you wear?

Saturday 12 April 2014

Dry Hair? Heres Some Tips!

I am one who constantly changes their hair colour and this really damages my hair, especially because I go blonde so often. I'm on the journey to blonde once again and I can already feel the effects of the bleach on my hair. Over the years I have adopted numerous techniques to help my dry hair, here are some:

1. Sleep with olive oil on the ends of your hair, however avoid your roots! I find this adds a nice coating to my hair that makes it more silky and healthy looking. Make sure you wash out the oil properly though otherwise you could end up with really greasy hair!

2. Experiment with DIY hair masks. My favourite is olive oil and egg, this way your hair gets nourished and also the egg provides protein to your hair. I've also added banana as this provides potassium that helps with damage, however I find it so hard to wash out! Normally I use a blender to mix up ingredients but just mixing in a bowl also works.

3. Always use a moisturising conditioner! Obviously this helps with dry hair but also it controls the frizziness. I also like to use a deep conditioner at least twice a week - just sit with in in your hair for at least 20 minutes and voila! silky hair. Its even better if you sleep with it in over night!

4. Always use leave in conditioner or an oil. I love Argan Oil! Once again this really helps control  frizzy hair and makes it look healthier. If I don't put anything in my hair it gets so knotted!

5. This one is obvious but do not heat style your hair too often! At one point I straightened and backcombed my hair every day causing it to snap off and go to chin length, I had layers less than a cm long! I now tend to just heat style my hair at weekends and this has made such a difference.

Do you have any hair care tips?

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. How pretty is this bedding? I dream of a room with white furniture and floral prints. Whats best is that this particular bedding is not too expensive, hopefully I can get it for when I move out of student accommodation to a new flat in September!

2. Is the pinafore trend passed now? I'm still in love with them whatever, however I still have yet to buy one. I either want a floral print one or this striped one from Pretty Little Thing (my new favourite website!). They can be dressed up or dressed down, which appeals to me.

3. As I mentioned in another blog posts - daisies are my new favourite thing! I recently bought a lovely tshirt dress with daisies (last blog post) but I need another one to added to my obsession and this Missguided dress is perfect!

4.I normally use the Sleek brow kit for my brows but recently I have been wanting to get the Benefit gimmeBROW as it just seems like an interesting product. Hopefully I can save for it and get it soon!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 7 April 2014

OOTN- ASOS Marketplace

I have recently discovered a new found love for ASOS Marketplace! There are so many things to choose from, brand new and used, at all different price ranges. Originally I went on to find a pastel dress as I seriously lack bright colours in my wardrobe, I found a beautiful pink t-shirt dress with a black rose print for only £7! My addiction started and later the same day I went on to order this dress!

To find this t-shirt dress I typed in 'daisy shirt dress' and was thrilled to see this come up at only £15! However I was a bit weary as it is one size fits all but I assumed I would wear a belt anyway so that didnt matter. I just love how it looks - so simple but the daisys add a unique flare. I paired with with my New Look heels, a black rope belt and my pandora bracelet.

Do you shop on ASOS marketplace?

Saturday 5 April 2014

Confession: I am a hoarder

One thing you may not know about me is that when it comes to makeup/nail varnish, I am a hoarder! I just cant seem to through anything away, even if it is finished. Pictured is my nail varnish that I have at my home, I also have another box in my uni accommodation. The sad thing is less than two handfuls of this nail varnish actually works, so sad! I have added nail varnish remover numerous times to many of these so now they are far beyond saving! So basically I need to purchase LOTS of new ones, any recommendations?

I also went through a phase of constantly having designs painted on my nails (as you can see from the gems and nail varnishes with the white tops). Its actually kinda sad that I have no time to do this anymore, hopefully I can start again over summer since Ill have more free time! Maybe Ill do blog posts on them too..

Do you hang onto makeup/nail varnish?

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I wish I had nice, thick, long hair that enabled me to do a high bun just so I could use this flower garland! I've seen so many people wear them at uni and they just look lovely!

2. Tell me why I am so obsessed with this top? Missguided have so many in different colours and I've been admiring them for months. For some reason I haven't bought one yet though.. need to get on to that!

3.This dress incorporates two trends - dogstooth and pastel. I love the cut of it as well as its not too tight but still fits to the body. Also it has sleeves, I need sleeves!

4.I was browsing on Missguided as usual and came across these shoes. They would be so perfect for spring or summer parties/nights out! I can just imagine that they would brighten up any outfit easily. I just wish they had a chunkier heel so they would be easier to walk in!

Whats on your wishlist?