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Thursday 30 July 2015

What We Wore - My 20th Birthday Night Out

Last weekend me and my boyfriend celebrated our 20th birthdays (his on the 25th and mine today) by going on a night out. As of today I can now say I am 20 which is so strange to me, I feel like growing is up is something that I have to actually do now. Maybe its time to start booking my own dentist and doctors appointments instead of making my mum do it... Anyway here is what me and my sister Jen decided to wear:

                 Me (left): Playsuit - Missguided
                           Shoes - Miss Pap

                        Jen: Playsuit - New Look
                             Shoes - New Look 
                        Bag- New Look

How beautiful is the colour of my playsuit? It totally reminds me of Cinderella for some reason! It cost £35 from Missguided and at the time of ordering there was an offer for 30% off of party wear, therefore I knew that I had to snatch up the chance of getting it for slightly cheaper. It was so comfortable on except for when I needed the toilet in the club... definitely needed someone to assist me with the zip. I did accessorise it with lovely crystal and blue earrings but sadly I totally forgot to photograph them. I added my white heels that I got for £5 in the sale which was an absolute bargain. They are so comfy and I am just completely in love with them. I also added a white envelope clutch bag which matched the heels perfectly but me being a bad blogger (once again) forgot to photograph it. I'm sorry!

Moving on to Jen's outfit, she also wore a lovely playsuit but this time from New Look. I love the khaki colour of it which is a major trend right now. It may be making its way from her wardrobe to mine soon... Her shoes are chunky, glittery black heels which looked beyond comfy yet the heel was still a good height. I can just imagine that these would look so good with not only this outfit but also in the festive season. Finally she accessorised with her black fringe back which I also may have to 'borrow'.

What do you think of our outfits?

Monday 27 July 2015

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm

How great is B&Ms?! A store just opened up in my home town and I have visited it so many times since. In case you do not know what it is, B&M is a massive store (seriously I get lost) that sells branded items at cheaper prices. On one of my many trips I picked up these two Rimmel Colour Rush balms for £1.50 each and they usually sell at £5.99 a piece. Such bargains!

The top shade is called Boom Chic A Boom and has to be my favourite of the two. It is the most gorgeous bright pink shade which is absolutely perfect for summer. The second shade is called Make Me Blush and although it is a really pretty colour, it just doesn't suit me unfortunately. Rimmel have around 12 colours in this range so there is a shade for everyone. Nevertheless both shades are so pigmented and opaque with just couple of layers and feel really moisturising on. The product also lasts a decent amount of time which is great, both shades left my lips stained afterwards which I personally like as there is still some colour there once the product wears off. My only downside of these products is that they are slightly too sticky for me and I find they are a little uncomfortable on my lips. However bear in mind that I am a matte lipstick lover and absolutely hate lip gloss! Therefore if you do not mind lip gloss you might like this product as that is what the formula reminds me of. 

Over all I do really like this product if I just ignore how sticky it is. Both shades are perfect for summer and could be transitioned through many seasons. I definitely recommend buying these to throw in your handbag, £5.99 is a great price... £1.50 is even better!

Thursday 23 July 2015

Update - Broken Laptop and New Hair

I have never actually wrote an update post however I love reading them and seriously need to write one about the annoyance of my broken laptop. If you have not already noticed, my posts have been a little off schedule recently. This is down to my laptop being broken.. it just will not turn on! so infuriating.  Right now I am using my old laptop which freezes every 2 minutes then has to be restarted, hence why I was gifted with a new one from my mum. Anyway in light of this situation I will be posting on Mondays and Thursdays instead of 3 times a week as it really does take like triple the time to write a post now! Did I mention that I cannot even access my documents and pictures on this laptop? I have to send them to my hotmail account, download them and access them from the recently changed section for some reason!

On a more happier note, I changed my hair! I was getting a little bored of the brassy blonde that my hair had faded to and decided to go a lighter shade for summer. A few years a go I was a really light blonde and loved it however now that I have it back I am just not used to it anymore, hopefully I will adjust! Pastel hair has always been one of my favourite looks on other people and I am seriously thinking about making my blonde a light shade of lilac for a while... what do you think? I need some opinions!

I have a really busy few weeks coming up but it is all so exciting. On the 25th I am traveling home to see my boyfriend as it is his birthday, we are also having a joint birthday night out since my birthday is on the 30th. Then on my birthday I am travelling back through to Aberdeen to work until the 1st. However also on the 1st I am moving flat which I am so so excited about as I am moving back in with my boyfriend and our two friends! Finally on the 2nd we are travelling to Glasgow to stay for the night on on the 3rd we are flying out to Malaga! I cannot wait for a break away... and the sun as right now Scotland is seriously lacking in it. I am definitely planning on posting ootd's from my holiday so keep a look out for that, I might get my sisters involved too!

Do you think I should make my blonde lilac or keep it the way it is?

Monday 20 July 2015

FOTD - Mac's Up The Amp and Naked Basics 2

I love reading face of the day posts as they always help me find new products that I otherwise would have never heard of... maybe that's not a good thing for my poor bank account though! Finally I thought that I would jump on the band wagon. My sister, niece and nephew all had a joint birthday party on the 16th which was very casual so this makeup nothing spectacular but typical of my everyday looks. The Naked Basic 2 palette features heavily in my routine, the shadows are just so creamy and the colours are all so lovely. They are perfect for creating natural looks but also night time ones if you add more of the darker colours. 

On my lips I have Macs Up the Amp which is a gorgeous purple colour, I really do not own any other colour like this. Its not the most long lasting but still, its worth reapplying every so often. It was such a great purchase as the shade can be transitioned through all seasons!

Do you like FOTD posts?

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Outfit Ideas - 20th Birthday

Even though I look about 12 years old, on the 30th July I will turn the big 2-0. I've always been one to get excited for my birthdays and have to have plans! This year I most likely will be going on a night out however there is no harm is virtually planning other outfits is there? These obviously can work for any occasion, let me just say that I want it all (which is never gonna happen):

Night Out

How gorgeous is this playsuit? I snatched it up when Missguided had 30% off of their party section as it was just to pretty to let it pass. The shade of blue has to be my all time favourite colour as it is just so lovely, also it matches the white accessories so well! I kept jewellery simple with these stud earrings as the playsuit does all of the talking itself with the beautiful lace. Finally I think the white shoes and bag finishes off the outfit perfectly!

Shopping and Dinner

I need to own this outfit, just love it! The dress is stunning and definitely could work through many seasons. The flared sleeves are a mega trend right now and give off the perfect 70's feel. The shoes are also a dream! The moment that I saw them in Topshop I fell in love, I just cannot justify spending £35 on them right now which is so sad. As the dress is so busy a long delicate necklace would look great with it. Finally I just had to finish the outfit with a floppy  hat!


Here goes the blue again! This skirt is simply gorgeous and would look perfect paired with this white lace top. I thought that a floral garland would just add to this feminine look and this particular one has such beautiful colours. Garlands are definitely a favourite of mine this summer. The chunky heels would be perfect with this outfit to add length to my short legs (don't we all feel slimmer in heels?) and look like they would be rather comfy, thats if heels can even be comfy!

Which one is your favourite outfit?

Saturday 11 July 2015

Bikini Cover Ups Wishlist

1234, 5678

 Cover ups have been my one of my favourite items of clothing while shopping for holiday clothes recently, there are just so many ones out there! The specific type that attract me are the ones that look comfortable yet still fashionable, for example many are sheer or feature fringe. These elements mean many are suitable for lounging by the pool but also can be worn as part of an outfit. I have actually ordered the pineapple playsuit (6) as it was a bargain at £8 down from £20! It is still on the Missguided website incase you love it as much as I do. The sheer maxi dress (1) would look great with a black bikini and high waisted bottoms underneath, just wish I had unlimited funds... I can dream though huh

What is your favourite type of cover up?

Saturday 4 July 2015

Summer Playsuit Wishlist

12, 34, 5678

Sorry about the slightly rubbish collage.. my laptop broke so right now I am using my old one which will not let me access photos on my laptop without freezing (and me wanting to throw it across the room) there this was made on my phone. Anyway while searching for holiday clothes I have been really attracted to playsuits, the reason for this is that they are comfy and just by itself makes an outfit. They look perfect paired with just sandals or even heels. New Look has been on point with theirs so I just had to make a wishlist featuring from just that store! I cannot even choose a favourite as I absolutely love them all.. it is starting to look like I'll be wearing a playsuit all of my holiday!

Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Flower Crown

Flower Crown - Ring of Roses
Play suit - New Look
Waistcoat - New Look
Shoes - eBay

Although I hate going to festivals (me and 3 day old hair just does not work), I absolutely love festival fashion which very much inspired this look. The flower crown was actually borrowed from my niece and was purchased from a lovely Instagram shop but as you may know, many stores sell them such as Topshop and Primark. Play suits are great as they are basically an outfit, do not need much effort and are so comfy. This one also has off the shoulder sleeves which are very on trend right now, the colours are really pretty too. Finally I added the waist coat... or is it a waistcoat? I have no idea what to call it. It just tops off the look perfectly. Although the outfit does feature a lot of black, I feel that it still looks really summery and is definitely fitting to this little heatwave we are having right now!

What is your go to summer outfit?