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Saturday 31 May 2014

Sleek Brow Kit in Light Review

As I recently dyed my hair blonde, I was on a desperate hunt for a lighter brow powder. I already owned the Sleek Brow Kit in dark but decided to just go ahead and buy the shade light. If you would also like to see what the dark looks like on my brows just ask, Ill happily do a review on that too!

 Left - wax
Right - powder

As mentioned before this kit is in the shade 'Light'.  It comes with a wax that the box suggests to use to shape your brows and then a lighter powder to blend and fill in all of the gaps. I must admit that I only use the powder as I do not like the colour of the wax as it is too warm and I just generally don't like the way it makes my brows look. However I love the powder as it definitely lightens up my brows and is the perfect colour! I actually use the angled brush from the kit, its pretty good in my opinion. However the tweezers aren't that great but what can you expect from a £8.49 brow kit? It can be bought here from Superdrug. Overall I think it is the perfect product for someone with natural or dyed blonde hair with darker brows!

Have you tried this product?

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I saw this top in Topshop the other day and instantly fell in love, however as usual I did not love the £34 price tag. Although this price is not overly expensive, I find that for a crop top its a little past my limit. The colour is beautiful though!

2. These were actually featured on my chunky sandals post but now I desperately want them! In person they are even more beautiful. They would be perfect for summer to add a little height and also I find that shoes with even a little heel make my legs look that bit skinnier (something I always wish to achieve ha ha!)

3. I have always wanted to invest in heated rollers and at £29.99 you really cant go wrong. More research will have to be done on my part but right now theses ones are high contenders. I just dream of having thick wavy hair!

4. Ah Ive fallen in love. I am a sucker for daisys (you might not be able to see them around the neckline and arms) and also pastel blue so whats better than this dress? The price is only £19.99 too! So tempted.

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 26 May 2014

New Purchase: Chunky Cut Out Boots (Topshop Copycat)

So I recently stumbled across these boots on the Topshop website (which I love!). However £42 was a bit steep for me..
Topshop Boots - Get Them Here

I then went to the place where I knew that I could get a version of these for cheaper - eBay. Even better the boots I got are the EXACT same! They were from a company on eBay for only £24.99 and £3.99 shipping!, here is the link

Arent they identical? Best thing is they are so versatile! They can be worn casual or dressy, with skirts or with trousers.. so many outfits! I actually wore them today (I spent 5 and a half hours shopping) with my black treggings, a mint jumper and leather jacket. I must admit my feet were a little sore towards the end but I thought I lasted so long considering I was wearing heels! This is because your feet aren't at much of an angle due to the large platform.

Do you ever look on eBay for bargains?

Saturday 24 May 2014

Back to the Blonde Side

Finally I am blonde all over once again! As I mentioned before I always go between blonde and brunette hair but I must admit I prefer the lighter colour on me, I also keep the blonde way longer than I ever keep brown. Just wait though, soon I will be complaining about my roots!

I wore this outfit to go out to eat with my boyfriend as this was our last week of living together, so sad. He is going home for summer and as of September I will live with my friends and him with his, I feel we are still a bit too young to move in together permanently. Still I will miss him loads. 

My dress is from Asos market place and cost me around £10. Its a perfect colour for summer however just like all t shirt dresses it is too long on me and big, nothing a belt cant fix though! My tights look grey in these photos (sorry for the bad lighting, it was a spare of the moment photo shoot ha ha) but they are actually black ones from Primark. My little black booties and chain necklace are also from there. Oh and my jacket, this is almost a full Primark outfit and I never even realised!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. Okay I admit, I've actually had this Dragons Egg bath bomb from Lush before but I really want to buy it again! It smells so lovely and citrusey, unfortunately I have no bath at my uni accommodation. Next time I visit home I think I might buy one here in Aberdeen and bring it back (my home town lacks a Lush, boo).

2. I have always been a fan of River Island bags and purses, there are so many I'd love to own. I chose this one as I think the flower pattern is gorgeous, I wish they did this design in a pastel!

3. I purchased the Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo and conditioner at the weekend after reading lots of reviews on them (Ill have my own review up soon). I know want to buy this mask as my hair dresser keeps insisting that I use a deep conditioner as my hair is so dry, its been that way for years. No matter how many home made masks and conditioners I use, it just doesn't get better. Hopefully this would help salvage it a little until I eventually cut off all the dead ends!

4. Joni jeans from Topshop are my favourite, I'm also a fan of the gingham pattern therefore these jeans are perfect. I am a bit reluctant to pay £38 though, I wore my last Joni jeans so much that the fabric became so thin and ripped. Primark do carry jeans with this pattern but I am just scared of the fit!

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 19 May 2014

Chunky Sandal Trend

Who else joins me in loving the chunky sandal trend? I hated it at first but now I love them! People often walk past me in the street with lovely ones on and I just want to be that creepy person who chases them down the street and asks where they are from ha ha!. I have been browsing many webpages and oh my, there are so many out there that I lust after. Here are a few of my favourites:


Are you a fan of this trend?

Saturday 17 May 2014

Small Primark Haul

So I kind of stumbled into Primark the other day.. however I only came out with two t-shirts (which I am saving for outfit posts), shoes and a bag. So proud of myself. Here are my lovely new sandals and handbag:

I've wanted these for a long time and took a while to choose what colour. There was tan, black, white in this fake leather and red, mint and I'm pretty sure there were a blue pair in a fabric material. I decided on these as I thought they would go with so much plus I already own so many black shoes, Only thing is I have very broad feet and I don't know if these look okay on them, boo! They were only £8 though so I'm still happy that I picked them up.

How cute is this bag? I am so so so into pastels right now so this blue is perfect. I'm awful as I am one who never buys new bags, my old one is majorly scruffy! This bag only set me back £6, pretty good deal if you ask me. I noticed there was a few other colours too, so tempted to invest in more!

Have you been into Primark lately?

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Forget a Wishlist, Unis Finished for the Summer!

I am so excited to not have to revise or complete reports for 4 months! Unfortunately I will not be going home for summer as I have a job that I need to carry on with in Aberdeen, this just means lots of trips home and lots of visitors! Last summer was one of the best periods of my life: preparing for uni meant lots of events were planned. I've been all nostalgic and have been looking back at photos from last summer and thought I'd share some with you:

As I mentioned lots of events were planned such as garden parties, at my house we have a fire pit which was great for summer nights and marshmallows! Unfortunately being a vegetarian I couldn't eat them but looking on was fun too ha ha! (top left picture is my and my friends). Me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time together which I loved, this included long car rides and him stealing my niece and nephew's pram. Also we purchased our new home (pictured above), beautiful isn't it? ha ha I'm only joking, I wish though! I also spent a lot of time with my mum (pictured in the black dress), sisters, nieces and nephews, we are such a close family and I miss them so much when I'm in Aberdeen. One of my sisters is actually pregnant with her second child, so yay for a new niece in September! That will make me an auntie of 5!. 

Unfortunately just as summer started my dog Kya passed away, it all happened so quickly too:( She was the cuddliest thing going and was adorable. However shes in a better place now and I like to look back at pictures and think of all the memories we shared with her.

This summer will be completely different with me being in Aberdeen, but hopefully it will still be fun! I have two trips planned: one to Brighton in June and one in July to London. My best friend booked London for my birthday, how great is she?

Are you excited for summer?

Monday 12 May 2014

4 Cheap, Easy and Trusty Student Meals

As I am sat writing this my stomach is rumbling with hunger. I got back from work at 18.00 and it is now 19:35 and I am yet to have my dinner. I am so bad at actually going to the shop and stocking up on food therefore these recipes are always used. Also I am not very ambitious and I do not like much vegetarian food (which sucks when I am a vegetarian). None are particularly creative and you have probably heard of all of them before but I thought it would be fun to show yous! Here goes:

1. Who remembers eggs and soldiers? My mum used to always feed me this when I was young, so nostalgic! I know understand why.. its so cheap and easy. Oh excuse the shot glasses, I had no egg cups ha ha!

2. Ah I can honestly say I have beans and cheese on toast at least once every two days. We always have bread, beans and cheese stocked up therefore this is my only option some nights, but still its so good!

3. This is a new found favourite of mine. It consists of noodles, stir fry vegetables and sweet chilli sauce - I love it!. We just buy the stir fry veg in a pack from the Co-op, a sachet of sauce and a pack of noodles then just mix them together in a wok, so tasty!

4. I made up this recipe one day when we were seriously lacking in funds. It has pasta with a small amount of tomato puree (I never thought of using it as a sauce before), a quarter tea spoon of garlic power and a sprinkle of herbs. I also usually add cheese mix in but this day we sadly did not have any.

Hope you enjoyed, what are some of your favourite recipes?

Saturday 10 May 2014

What I Wore: night out #6

A group of my friends from home came to Aberdeen last weekend for a night out, typical me used this as an excuse to buy a new outfit. I have to admit that I seriously struggled to find one that I was happy with.. however 2 clothing returns later I found this!

The top was from the sale section at Miss Selfridge and cost me £15. I was a nice fit when it was on however it was reeeaaally tight around the chest area so I required help to take it off ha ha! The shorts were also £15 and are from H&M, they were such funny sizing though! My usual size would not even tie on me but the next size up was too big on the waist, however I settled for them. I teamed this with my usual black chunky heels (sorry you cant see them). For jewellery I went simple and just wore my grey chain from Topshop!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1. I have always heard such great things about the Clarisonic yet I am still hesitant to purchase one due to the price. However lately I've been thinking that it will be a good investment, have you tried it? Maybe I'd be best buying a cheaper version first..

2. These shoes are so lovely! I have to admit it took me a long time to understand why people wore ones like this. Now I constantly crave them and create outfits in my head to match!

3. How gorgeous is this skirt? the colours just say spring/summer all over! At only £17.99 this is a complete deal, I don't know if I would be confident enough to wear it though..

4. I've seen pictures of this product everywhere and I am so intrigued but it. I just love the thought of a liquid lipstick. I specifically wish to try Tangerine Sonate which is a lovely coral and also Rose Symphony which is a pink. I recon this will be my next makeup purchase. 

Whats on your wishlist?

Monday 5 May 2014

Foundation too dark or thick?

I always have a problem with buying foundations that are too dark, my skin is so pale that even the lightest ones of most collections aren't light enough! I recently ran out of my favourite foundation and didn't have the funds to purchase a new one. However I did find a foundation in my makeup drawers that is too dark for me, here is what I did:

I remembered a YouTube video that I watched ages ago where foundation was mixed with moisturiser..  I tried it and it works! I wouldn't recommend this for someone who likes full coverage as it basically becomes a tinted moisturiser. The more moisturiser you mix in, the thinner the foundation gets therefore its up to you how much you use. An advantage of doing this is that my skin looks really healthy and the right amount of dewy, I am so glad that I discovered this.

Have you done this technique before?

Saturday 3 May 2014

April Favourites

I've always loved reading monthly favourites so today I thought why not? I may not do this every month as once I find a product I love, I typically keep using it until its finished. Here is Aprils favourites:

1. I cant even remember when I bought this bronzer as I have had it for so long. I've used it since and bought it and I've only made a slight dent in it, I don't even know if its good to use anymore! Its a gorgeous colour on my pale skin. I often find it very difficult to find suitable bronzers.. hence why I have used this one for so long!

2. The lipstick I have been grabbing this month is MACs Pink Plaid. Its a gorgeous pink shade, I specifically love the matte finish as it does not budge off of my lips. Perfect for every day wear or a night out!

3. My hair desperately needs moisture as its been so damaged in the past. I spray this in my hair everyday, even when I am not using heat, and I do definitely notice my hair being much sleeker. Not to mention the Argan Oil line is so inexpensive, I love the conditioner too.

4. This necklace is constantly being worn!  It goes with so much, I wear it on nights out and with jumpers casually during the day. I definitely do not regret purchasing it, best part is that I bought it from Monsoon for £3 in a sale!

5. I went to the effort of washing the cup for this blog post however it did not even cross my mind to dry it, sorry! It has been used every day since my lovely sister bought it for me from Primark for £2 I believe. I am even going to go back and get my boyfriend the blue one so we can be cute and match ha ha!

What are your April favourites?